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Twisting the Knife: Remainers Try to Kill Off Brexit Debate with Language Control

Well-worn phrases familiar to Britain’s political discourse with metaphorical allusions to combat and Medieval politics have come under sudden assault from supporters of the European Union as they seek to defend the Prime Minister, presently a strong bulwark against a true Brexit, from plotting Tory colleagues.

1948: English actor, producer and director Laurence Olivier (1907-1989) playing Hamlet in his film version of Shakespeare's work. He is involved in a sword fight with Laertes, played by Terence Morgan, watched by Norman Wooland as Horatio. (Photo by Wilfrid Newton/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Social Media Must Censor ‘Hate’, Says Senior Labour MP

Yvette Cooper has announced that MPs will look into how social media companies can censor a “tide of hate”, and strongly implied that freedom of speech should mean freedom from criticism in remarks ahead of a new inquiry into “hate crime”.


Gandalf Wants Gay Pig On Children’s TV

In an extraordinary display of egotistical progressiveness, Sir Ian McKellen OBE has said he wants there to be a gay pig on the Peppa Pig children’s cartoon… called Ian. The BAFTA winning and Emmy award nominated actor, famous for his roles as

Peppa Pig Cameron

Labour Divided Over Benefit Cuts As Leadership Debate Lurches Left

Acting party leader, Harriet Harman, has said Labour should “listen” to the electorate and “not oppose” Tory benefit cuts. Activists and candidates in the leadership race – apart from unpopular Blairite Liz Kendall – have reacted with revulsion to the

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Welcome to South Yorkshire, child rape capital of Britain

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper has helpfully revealed with an FOI request that South Yorkshire is the child rape capital of Britain. South Yorkshire’s local police authority saw a 577 per cent rise in reported child sexual exploitation cases between