Surprise! Green Party Supporters Love Long-Haul Flights and Luxury Holidays

Wikimedia Commons

Despite their party’s professed love for the environment and hatred of CO2 emissions, Green Party supporters are most likely to book a long-haul holiday, according to a new poll.

The survey by website Travelzoo also found that Green supporters were more likely to book a gas-guzzling hire car rather than take a taxi and were most likely to steal hotel toiletries.

The website asked 3,000 Brits about their travel habits and political allegiance. UKIP supporters were the most likely to prefer a hot a destination, with 90 per cent of them admitting to being sun-seekers, however they were much less likely than Conservatives so go for luxury holidays, preferring budget breaks instead.

Meanwhile, Liberal Democrats were most likely to book a cruise and Labour supporters most likely to go all-inclusive.

Louise Hodges of Travelzoo said: “We were very surprised to see that Green Party supporters are the most likely to fly long-haul. Perhaps less surprising was the tourist profile of a typical UKIP supporter, which appears to be that of a sun-loving, bargain-seeking traveller who likes an English breakfast and is more inclined than others to speak English when abroad.”


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