Austria Gets The Extremist President It Didn’t Deserve

The Austrian presidential election result has been a triumph for the cause of extremism in Europe. We were continually assured by the left-liberal media how awful it would be if the (supposed) “far-right” candidate Norbert Hofer won. But actually the


The Greens Are Losing The Culture Wars. Good.

The Green religion is dying. You can see the evidence of this in the latest Gallup survey showing the number of Americans who identify as “Environmentalist” down to 42 percent (from 78 percent in 1991). But even more telling, I

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Gold Standard More Popular than Federal Reserve For Good Reason

At the Jackson Hole Economic Summit the American Principles Project demonstrated that the people can’t be fooled in the long term by monetary magic forever. In a national poll by McLaughlin & McLaughlin 1,000 respondents were asked if they would support the Gold Standard in the United States. 39% replied yes, 15% replied no, and 46% were undecided. That is more than a 2:1 ratio for favorability.

These results and the margin between approve and disapprove are better than recent polls on the Federal Reserve or its recent leaders as shown in recent Gallup polls over the last two years: Negative on the Fed and its leaders are very high, while negatives on Gold are very low.

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Church of England to Train New Vicars in Green Ideology

England’s state church has backed a motion calling for new vicars to be trained in “ecotheology” and “eco-justice” alongside more traditional Christian ethics. In a motion debated at a meeting of the General Synod in York, Church of England leaders

The Enthronement Of The 105th Archbishop Of Canterbury Justin Welby

Green Bullies Nix Bjorn Lomborg’s Australian Consensus Centre

The University of Western Australia has caved in to green activists and cancelled a planned $4 million Consensus Centre because of its associations with Skeptical Environmentalist author Bjorn Lomborg. Blond, gay, impeccably left wing and a former member of Greenpeace,

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Drought: If Your Lawn Is Brown, Paint It Green

In Sacramento, one man has an idea of how to keep lawns green during the drought, and he’s selling that idea to those wanting to restore their verdant lawns; paint the grass green.

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Professor First Set to Open Legal Pot Shop in San Diego

San Diego State University professor David Blair’s medical marijuana dispensary, “A Green Alternative,” is set to be the first legally operating shop in San Diego since being approved last July and beating a permit challenge.

420 California (Credit: Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)