Feelings Hurt: ‘Fat-Phobic’ Drag Queen Ejected From University Gay Party

gay flag

A university LGBTQ event ended in chaos when angry punters set off the fire alarm to stop the Drag Act from making “fat-phobic” remarks. Gay students at York University had been promised a Pride Night including “musical, comedy and theatre acts” but instead ended up being evacuated from the venue as the host was removed.

The student website Nouse.co.uk reported problems began when the Drag Queen spat at the audience. He followed this up with a series of jokes that upset the “BME and LGBTQ Network Officers”.

After a complaint college chairman Gareth Dybiec tried to remove the drag queen from the stage but he insisted on staying. He tried to save the performance by taking to the microphone with an apology.

He said: “I do apologise if I have upset anyone tonight. I work all over the world. I could have come out and been abusive but it’s all tongue in cheek and lots more people say things a lot more abusive.”

When he attempted to sing another song, angry students activated the fire alarm. Despite the venue being evacuated he still remained steadfast on stage so security personnel from the venue stepped in. They took him to the carpark where he was released and allowed to go home.

One of the students present, Dominic Smithies, said: “I’m disappointed in the drag queen. That’s not what drag is about. It gives our community and profession a bad name. The line is there to be pushed but there areas that shouldn’t be crossed. It can be so much better and it’s unfortunate people saw it at its worst.”

However, he added: “It has to be mentioned that the event was amazing excluding the blip. Gareth and the JCRC did an outstanding job, put so much effort in and it really showed.”


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