Blatter Re-elected as FIFA President

AP Photo

Sepp Blatter has been re-elected as president of FIFA after days of revelations about alleged corruption within the organisation.

A total of 14 FIFA officials past and present were indicted by a US court after an FBI investigation uncovered evidence of bribes and kickbacks worth $150 million over a two-decade period.

Blatter won 133 votes against Prince Ali’s 73, necessitating a second round of voting, but Prince Ail withdrew, handing victory to Blatter.

In his election speech, Blatter called on delegates to stick with what they know: “You know who you are dealing with… and I know I can count on you too.”

He also said that if re-elected he would clean up FIFA:

“We don’t need revolution, but we always need evolution.

“Yesterday, the day before and even today I am being held responsible for this storm. I will shoulder it, I will take it upon myself. I will accept this responsibility and I will get back on the path to fix FIFA, together with you.

“I want to do it now, tomorrow, the day after… so that at the end of my term in office I can hand over a FIFA that has passed through the storm. A FIFA that will have enough safeguards to not need political interventions.”

Blatter, who has been FIFA president since 1998, even said that he had only been in his post for a “very short” time.

“What is this notion of time? Time is infinite and we will slice it up.

“Some say I’ve been at FIFA too long but I think it has been very short. So I am with you, here, quite simply with you and I’d just like to stay with you. I would like to continue with you. It’s a matter of trust. Trust on your side for me.”

Before the vote, Greg Dyke, chairman of England’s Football Association (FA) said that Blatter will not last more than two years in re-elected.


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