EU Vice President: Farage is Too Often Correct


The Vice President of the European Commission has offered a surprising admission today, claiming that when UKIP leader Nigel Farage speaks about the problems of the European Union, he is often correct, and too often for the Eurocrat’s liking.

Speaking yesterday, the EU’s second most powerful man Frans Timmermans admitted:

“I get terribly annoyed when he’s right. And on some issues he is right too often. If he criticises the EU for not having a migration policy that is effective he is right. He is absolutely, completely wrong with his solutions. But to start criticising the EU for not dealing in the right way with the migration crisis is right.”

The Express reports that Mr Timmermans’s comments also included an admission in liking Mr Farage’s “incredible sense of humour”.

But he stopped short of claiming that any of UKIP’s policy solutions – including on migration – were workable, indeed slamming the Eurosceptic party for its approach to solving the problems that its leader so well identifies.

He continued, “The problem with Ukip and the extreme right, Mr Le Pen, Wilders, they are really good at making an analysis of the problem. And they immediately go completely overboard in providing a solution that would never work and is morally completely unacceptable.”

In the past five years, Mr Farage has been proved correct a number of times, including on migration and the numbers of Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants coming to the United Kingdom after the doors opened to them on January 1st 2014.

He famously won the debates on the European Union, ahead of the EU elections, against then Lib-Dem leader Nick Clegg – and even travelled to Strasbourg during the UK election campaign to warn over Mediterranean migrants and ISIS abusing the soft-touch of Europe to smuggle jihadists onto the continent.

UKIP enjoys over 75 per cent public support for its policy of limited migration into the United Kingdom via what it calls an “Australian-style points system” which would accept immigrants of a certain quality into the United Kingdom to work.



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