New Mayor of Venice Wastes no Time in Banning 49 ‘Homosexual’ Books From School Libraries

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Luigi Brugnaro / Twitter

Books placed in pre-schools by the former left-wing Venice city council including such classics as ‘Jean Has Two Mums’ and ‘What is Dad’s Secret?’ (hint, he’s divorced mum and is in a relationship with a guy who rides a motorbike) have been removed by the new mayor.

Pro-business traditional conservative mayor Luigi Brugnaro, elected last month after the previous left-wing mayor was revealed to have been involved in seriously corrupt practice, has already fulfilled one of his campaign promises by removing from pre-schools 49 titles dealing with homosexuality. Brugnaro had campaigned on the premise that the titles were inappropriate for three to six-year-olds, and dealt with topics that “Parents need to educate their children on these things, not schools”, he said.

Books on a number of other topics have also been removed, this time for evaluation, so the new city government can ascertain whether they are “suitable for preschoolers” or not. The books on religious, racial and disability themes will be returned to the schools if they are verified, reports The Independent.

Reaction to the move by the left-wing media has been immediate and scathing – online blog Quartz has accused Brugnaro of removing “wonderful children’s books”, and agitative groups have called for public recitals of the material, and are advocating for public libraries to make copies available. The mayor, who won a convincing victory over his opponent, has said he will “not be intimidated” by the campaign against him and will continue to act on the promises he made in the lead up to the election.

He has criticised the left-wing actors who put the books in pre-schools in the first place. Brugnaro said those responsible had “cultural arrogance” and had gone ahead with buying the books without asking anyone – least of all parents.

Despite pressure from a small part of society and foreign actors, gay marriage of any form remains illegal in socially conservative Italy. The present centre-left government is desperate to pass measures to redefine marriage before the next general election in 2018, which they may lose if the present decline in support for their party continues.

Breitbart London reported last month on the remarkable demonstrations taking place in Rome against gay marriage and the teaching of ‘gay theory’ in schools, in which over 300,000 marched in support of tradition.  Attendees held aloft banners reading “The family will save the world” and “Let’s defend our children” while gathering in San Giovanni Square.

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