Paedo Files: Tory Leon Brittan Named in New Westminster Child Sex Docs


Britain’s Former Home Secretary Leon Brittan has been named in a series of new documents released relating to the ongoing Westminster Child Sex Abuse Scandal. The drama surrounding the issues has raged for years, as allegations of an establishment cover-up have recently surfaced.

But Brittan, who has been mooted as one of the Tories involved in the scandal, has finally been named, in a blow to Conservative Party HQ apparatchiks who have been attempting to silence the truth tellers on this issue.

The Telegraph reports:

The batch of files relate to three senior government figures, all of whom are now dead: Sir Peter Hayman, a former diplomat and M16 worker, Sir William van Straubenzee, a former minister, and Sir Peter Morrison, who was an aide to Margaret Thatcher.

The papers, which were previously thought to be missing, have been shared with the police and will be passed to the Child Abuse Inquiry led by Justice Lowell Goddard.

The Cabinet Office confirmed the existence of the documents following a series of requests from Sky News for a file prepared for Mrs Thatcher’s office on the “unnatural sexual” behaviour of Sir Peter Hayman.

Brittan, who died earlier this year before any charges could be brought, is alleged to have received a dossier that contained information about a Westminster Paedophile Ring. To this day, flat blocks in Westminster, such as Dolphin Square, are believed to be the haunts of older, male Members of Parliament who choose to prey on mostly young boys.

Earlier this week it was reported that a “senior” Labour Member of Parliament had been reported to the police for child abuse, including that of vulnerable boys. The House of Commons itself is said to have been used as a staging ground for this behaviour.

The fact that new documents have come to light will also rattle the cages of those who have been attempting to shed light on the situation for years. The documents in question were long thought to have been “lost”, and an “independent” review, commissioned by the British government in 2013, reasserted this.

Esther Baker, a child sex abuse survivor who has alleged abuse against senior political figures, told the Telegraph: “I’m very pleased that the government have finally released them. I have no idea whether what they reveal will have any bearing on my case or not – but I’m extremely glad for those with current allegations that will be validated by the release of these files.”


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