Artist Offers Free Tattoos… As Long As They’re Pro-Multiculturalism


A tattoo artist is offering his services for free, as long as the recipient is willing to have his or her body permanently tagged with images associated with multiculturalism or “social justice”.

Alex Smoltschnik – who runs the Pride & Glory tattoo studio in Graz, Austria – told his local newspaper that he was moved to give his labour away for free after a Bosnian man killed three in a hit and run, and Austrians began to blame the culprit’s Muslim background.

“Immediately a certain group of people were labelled as having negative characteristics,” said Smoltschnik.

So he set about advertising his services for free, leading to around 200 people getting tattoos of black and white hands shaking, smashed Swastikas, or other such motifs.

“By choosing to have a tattoo you are making a statement. It is something very personal, you wear it on your body, it’s very visible,” Smoltschnik said.

“Of course, we’re not going to save the world with tattoos against racism – but I think it’s still important to give a sign of the desire for a common coexistence.”


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