Bizarre EU Promo Vid Compares Europe to United States, Mocks America for Having Only One Language

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European Parliament

A bizarre new European Union (EU) promo video has revealed the real aspirations of the organisation: to be a super-state comparable to the United States of America.

The 3 minute clip boasts about how the European Union spends millions in tax payer money from across the continent translating documents into “all the EU’s 24 official languages”. At the end, the narrater’s tone becomes mocking as he says, “In Washington, its only one official language”.

The video was released on Tuesday 11 August to highlight the “similarities and differences between the United States and European Union legislatures” and has been promoted through the Facebook page of the European Parliament in Washington DC.

“As for powers, things are very different across the pond.” The video states. “Congress sets the federal budget and tax collection. Foreign policy, senior appointments, and it can impeach the President, Vice President, and all civil officers of the United States”.

Then, as if to claim that the European Parliament is the government of all countries in Europe, the narrator says: “The European Parliament shares its powers with the EU member states: the council. It co-decides and can block the EU’s annual budget. It recommends on the EU’s position on international treaties, such as the EU-US Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), currently under negotiation”.

“However, Parliament can’t initiative legislation or raise taxes,” the video laments, before going on to boast about how the European Parliament “reflects the cultural diversity of Europe.”

The propaganda video aimed at U.S. citizens comes after it was revealed that the European spends billions of tax payer euros on its own advertising and public relations efforts, including comics and children’s books designed to promote the EU to the very young.

The video has only had a few hundred views on YouTube, and only around 4,000 on Facebook. By comparison, a video on the eurosceptic UK Independence Party’s Facebook decrying EU plans for a Common Asylum and Refugee policy has over 700,000 views on Facebook alone.



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