Buses for Brownies? Taxis for Trannies? Corbyn’s All-Women Train Proposal Taken to Its Logical Extent


The far left of British politics is riddled with racists. As much as the far right is. The difference is the far right was by and large defeated by the ‘real right’ – UKIP – and the far left is about to take control of the Labour Party. 

The left is also riddled with people who genuinely believe that segregation, compartmentalisation, and identity politics are the ideal. That’s why “BlackLivesMatter”. It’s why “multiculturalism works”, and its why Jeremy Corbyn has mooted the idea of segregated train carriages for women.

Because nothing screams “functioning society” than locking women up by themselves. Because a) every man is obviously, absolutely, a rapist and b) women should have to sit separately for the sake of the few that actually are.

Argh. This is infuriating.

It makes no intellectual sense. At all. And taken to its logical conclusion it would mean that any number of groups need their own special little areas, just in case somebody abuses them for their race, sexuality, religion, or genitalia.

Buses for brown people only. Taxi ranks reserved especially for transgender people. We cannot intermingle, or integrate. Or as Mr Corbyn’s Islamist buddies call it, “free mix”.

Mr Corbyn has been repeatedly elected for the parliamentary seat of Islington North since 1983. This is an area of London where the majority of people would be disgusted if you called them liberals. They’re radicals dontchaknow? And it is so far left in Islington that it appears to have come full circle, away from liberalism, and slap bang into the centre of the authoritarian part of the political spectrum.

I’m not saying this is how countries like Saudi Arabia got to where they are. But they are there. Iran too. Segregation is the norm, and it is becoming the norm in the Labour Party too.

We saw it during the General Election, where the party desperately tried to square the circle of its “liberalism” with the multiculturalist need to accomodate illiberal religions and philsophies. There were segregated meetings in heavily Muslim populated areas.

This is the modern Labour Party.

But that’s not where this shit is coming from. 

It’s coming from the hard, illiberal, left who have been brought up on Marxism, and opted for Stalinism, because of their university professors, many of whom were simply… those who can’t. (teach)… who took jobs in universities as the Blair government demanded more teaching resources to meet the demand raised by its target of sending Uncle Tom Cobley and All to university. 

The screechy, Laurie Penny, Owen Jones types demanding fealty to Our Leader, Comrade Napoleon, Father of All Animals, Terror of Mankind, Protector of the Sheep-fold, Ducklings’ Friend. And before you say it, I know Corbyn is more like Snowball now, but how do you think he’d lead? For those of you who are lost… come on.

I can’t believe how much Labour has fucked this country up.

And I can’t believe that 9.3 million people still voted for them at the General Election. You are turkeys voting for Christmas.


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