The Guilty Secrets Of Man-Hating Feminazi Charlotte Proudman

Charlotte Proudman
Charlotte Proudman/Twitter

Charlotte Proudman, the man-hating feminazi has a guilty secret. Several in fact.

Four years ago, she decided to change her name from the one she was born with Charlotte Bailye, in a decision she has claimed was to “honour her Grandmother.

Hmm. I can think of another possible explanation.

When she was a student called Charlotte Bailye, she was taken to court after clocking up £458 in fines after parking illegally on her university campus between November 2008 and March 2009.

More damningly, perhaps, for a young missy on the make and with a strong sense of entitlement, the university at which she did her undergraduate law degree was Keele.

Keele is a perfectly respectable establishment – currently ranked 46 in the UK university league tables – but it’s not exactly the kind of place you’d want to boast about having attended if you wished to get on in top London legal circles.

Proudman/Bailye makes it clear here that she found it tough looking for a London chambers that would offer pupillage to someone of her educational background.

Also, note how on her personal website – which, rather unusually for a twentysomething barrister, you might think, has a special section for her TV and Radio appearances – she makes no mention of Keele, only of the University of Cambridge where she has been working on a PhD in Sociology and Law.

Cambridge? Yup. I’ve heard it too. And it figured a lot when Proudman was doing the media rounds yesterday: “Oh and by the way did you know that I went to Cambridge?” was clearly one of the take-home messages this cunning little vixen was keen to impress upon the world.

Hmm again. I’d say getting a PhD in sociology from Cambridge is a bit like being a member of the Jamaican international bobsleigh team in the Winter Olympics. Yes, technically speaking you’re an Olympian, but more in the way of a comedy Olympian than of a wow-you-must-be-really-great Olympian.

Then, of course, there’s the problem of her extraordinary double standards, as exposed in today’s Mail. It’s fine for her, apparently, to ogle men on Facebook pages with comments like “Hot stuff!” and “oooo lalala” but when a solicitor called Alexander Carter-Silk does the same thing to her she claims to feel “objectified” and sets out publicly to make an example of him, even at the risk of destroying his career.

It has even been suggested – impossible to prove, of course – that Alexander Carter-Silk was the victim of a fishing expedition. It was, after all, Proudman who sent him that invitation to “connect” on LinkedIn with that image of herself looking a touch coquettish with her red lipstick. And you don’t actually need to send photos of yourself on LinkedIn. Especially not if, as Charlotte Proudman would have us believe, it’s quite unprofessional and inappropriate in a work environment to judge a woman on her looks.

Really, if she felt that strongly about it, why didn’t she get herself photographed in a fetching burka, instead?

Proudman is now attempting to burnish her victim status by claiming that she may have committed “career suicide” because of her apparently bold, principled, selfless decision to speak out against male oppression.

Yeah, right.

She’s a human rights lawyer. She works at a left wing chambers whose lead QC Michael Mansfield is notorious for defending the indefensible – IRA killers, the Palestinians who blew up the Israeli embassy in London. What does she care if the odd old school solicitors’ firm decides it’s not going to touch her with a bargepole? They were never going to give her any work anyway.

No, this whole affair – it seems to me – could be interpreted as the latest very calculated, very cynical move by a ferociously ambitious young woman who has spent the last three years assiduously building up her media career and now wants to take her profile up to the next level. And if some perfectly innocent middle aged family man has to get squashed on the way, well, what the hell, he’s only a man, and anyway, who gives a damn about anyone but Charlotte Proudman/Bailye?

A political career clearly beckons, at the hard-left Corbyn end of the Labour spectrum. Proudman is already a member of the Fabian Society. She’s on a mission to remould the world in her humourless, right-on, nannying image.

And with that ruthlessness and ambition she’s going to succeed too. May the Lord have mercy on all our souls.


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