Watch: Muslim Gang Beat Drunk Who Allegedly Urinated Outside Mosque

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Oli Scarff / Getty

A video has surfaced online appearing to show two separate but linked violent altercations on Brick Lane in east London. Both feature a gang of men of Muslim appearance savagely beating a lone victim.

It is claimed the first man, who was repeatedly stuck with a road sign, was drunk and urinated outside a mosque; the second victim is repeatedly kick by the Muslim gang and left unconscious.

Brick Lane in the London borough of Tower Hamlets has the highest proportion of Muslims in England. A Metropolitan Police (Met) spokesman confirmed an investigation had been launched after officers were called to reports of a group of males fighting at around 9:45pm on Monday.

The first video was initially posted on the Muslim interest Spotted: Luton Bury Park Facebook page, entitled: “Man beaten up by local in Brick lane when he deliberately pissed outside a mosque.” The page claimed the man was a member of the group Britain First.

Mamun Rahim Rahman commented below the video: “He will never forget this beating, but how do you know that he is a Britain First member?” In response, Spotted: Luton Bury Park wrote: “Got family live down in brick lane bro. He was seen with them many times during christian patrols but I cant personally verify it.” However, later in the comment section, they appear to rescind the claim.

The second incident – thought to be linked to the first – features a topless man being repeatedly kicked by an angry mob, as he lies lifeless on the pavement outside the Eastern Eye Balti House. Men in the mob scream: “This is Brick Lane! This is Brick Lane mother f*cker!”

A waiter from the curry house said he did not know what started the incident. Another man, who asked not to be named, told the Evening Standard: “It was closing time so I came out and there was police and ambulance there already.

“Obviously it came to our restaurant but it started somewhere else. I don’t know what happened. We gave the guy blankets from the restaurant because he had no clothes to cover him.

“He was talking, we were talking to him asking if he was alright, and neighbouring restaurants came with blankets too. You have to help someone if they’re lying down like that.”

Adding: “People were walking around, it’s a busy place. Then police came and they were walking around looking for clues, but no one was arrested.”

The Met spokesman told the Standard: “Officers from Tower Hamlets Borough attended and found a man, believed aged 36, injured. He was taken to hospital. His injuries were not life threatening and he has subsequently been discharged.

“No other victims were at the scene, but officers believe there could be two outstanding. Officers from Tower Hamlets CID are investigating and are keeping an open mind regarding any motive. There have been no arrests and enquiries are ongoing.”


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