VIDEO: Hungarian Mayor Warns Off Migrants, Says ‘Hungary Is A Bad Choice’

YouTube / László Toroczkai

The Mayor of a Hungarian town on the Serbian border has released a Hollywood-inspired video warning illegal immigrants not to come into his town. The video features policemen riding horses and an aerially shot car chase along the border fence.

Fed up with migrants breaking through the new fence line and entering his country illegally, László Toroczkai, mayor of Ásotthalom, a small town located about half way along Hungary’s border with Serbia, has taken matters into his own hands.

In conjunction with local police he has released a video warning migrants that both illegally crossing into Hungary and damaging the border fence are crimes “punished by imprisonment and by several years of expulsion from Hungary.”

“We welcome everyone who respects our laws and enters our country through our international border point,” he says, “but those who try to cross our border illegally may easily end up in prison.”

Set to a blaring Hollywood style soundtrack, the video then goes on to demonstrate how local crime enforcement officers are using cars, motorbikes, helicopters and even horses to patrol and enforce the country’s fence line.

“If you are an illegal immigrant and want to get to Germany, the shortest route from Serbia is through Croatia and Slovenia,” Torocskai says, warning starkly: “Hungary is a bad choice. Ásotthalom is the worst.”

Hungary has come under international condemnation for building a fence along its Serbian border. It has responded by closing border crossings and adding fences along its Romanian and Croatian frontiers.

On Wednesday night, following clashes at the Roszke-Horgos border crossing, Hungarian police officers detained 29 migrants, including one who is a known terrorist.

Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said:

“I find it bizarre and shocking that certain esteemed international figures have stood on the side of people who for hours were throwing stones and pieces of cement at the Hungarian police. And I’d also like to make it very clear, no matter what criticism I receive, that we will never allow such aggressive people to enter Hungary. Not even for transit purposes.”

Migrants have responded by shifting their route south through Croatia, as Mayor Torocskai suggests, overwhelming riot police, who were forced to stand aside as the migrants swept past in huge numbers.


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