Merkel Changing Europe For German Economic Dominance, CDU Party Grandee Admits

migrants protest
JOHN THYS/AFP/Getty Images

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has spurred on Europe’s migrant crisis to try and shore up an ageing German population as assure her country economic dominance in years to come, according to an interview with her party ally and grandee Kurt Biedenkopf. 

Biedenkopf, a respected veteran politician and grandee of Mrs. Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party explained to Die Welt newspaper that the German Chancellor was taking the steps she has in recent weeks – increasing the pull factor behind the migrant crisis by urging hundreds of thousands into Europe – in order to secure her nation’s economic future.

In an admission not yet reported by English-language media, Biedenkopf explained: “In 2030 the number of people under 45 will be significantly smaller than today. However, those aged over 50 expect to secure their own living standards. Not just Germans, also not only with Europeans. So we have to get people from outside who work here feel comfortable and happy with us. Or the elders will lose around 20 to 30 percent of their living standards, or generally work until they are 70 years old.

But he’s not as bullish about the crisis as Mrs. Merkel is.

“Angela Merkel leads and I admire her for that. But it is already treated with hostility when she says, ‘We can do it’. This is absurd! You may believe that we can do that. Of course we cannot do that, it is wishful that the situation is so comfortable. There will be huge problems and upheavals. The change in the composition of our population will occupy us for decades – demographically as in view of their origin.

And Biedenkopf commented on the flaws of the European Union on the matter, but his answer, as usual for German politicians, was not to criticise the structures of the EU, but rather to insist that it needed to reach further.

“…the EU’s introversion and their infatuation with regulations means that the really important tasks remained lying in the Mediterranean or have not been seen. With access to digital technology in Africa now, the poor population has access to a revolutionary new look at the beauty and attractiveness of Europe. This has now consequences. They are forcing the EU to finally deal with it.”

The interview should shed further light on the motivations behind the German Chancellor in throwing open the doors of Europe, effectively rendering the Dublin Treaty, and indeed the Schengen Agreement null and void with her latest, unilateral actions. Mrs. Merkel’s EU dictator-style behaviour, in using the crisis to shore up Germany’s long-term demographic problems, was no more evident than after she appointed the head of the Labour Ministry as the new head of the country’s Refugee Agency, as reported by Breitbart London.


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