Report: Jihadi John Uni Harbours Extremists, Muslim Students Refuse To Speak To Female Staff

Facebook / Federation of Student Islamic Societies

Muslim extremists undemocratically controlled a “hostile” Islamic Society at the University of Westminster, where men refused to talk to women, and got away with it because of a fear of “Islamophobia,” a new report has found. The institution was attended by the British ISIS recruit “Jihadi John” otherwise known as Mohammad Emwazi.

A panel that included historian Lord Kenneth Morgan and Fiyaz Mughal, a former adviser to Nick Clegg, conducted the report. They found university officials at the Jihadi John University tolerated “sometimes hostile or intimidatory” attitudes towards women on campus, a situation the report labeled “totally unacceptable.”

Female Muslim members of staff were forced to intermediate via male colleagues merely to communicate with the society.

The Islamic Society did not appear to hold democratic elections, as university rules insist, but was run by a “self-perpetuating in-group” selected for perceived purity. Members of the society would then police their fellow students, acting as self-appointed “apostles of a self-contained faith, concerned very largely with matters of religious orthodoxy and perceived heresy.

Predictably, the report also found the university had failed to tackle the overt bigotry and discrimination on campus because of an ingrained culture of political correctness. It said: “For example, the panel heard repeatedly that action over concerns about the conduct of the Islamic Society had not been taken for fear of appearing Islamophobic.”

The university has been at the centre of allegations involving extremism and intolerance for many years.

According to other studies, the university consistently tops the list for inviting the most extremist Islamic speaker onto campus, and back in 2011 the Student Union elected a president and vice-president with links to the hardline Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir, which works for the establishment of a global Islamic caliphate.

The government “named and shamed” the institution just last week for its failure to uphold “British values,” as part of new measures, revealed in the government’s first counter extremism meeting of the parliament, designed to force colleges and university into addressing the growing problem of extremism on campus.

However, the university claims in the report that it has now “responded” to what it called, “unfavorable publicity raised by recent events, especially that surrounding former student ‘a Mohammad Emwazi’ identified in the press as Jihadi John.”

Indeed, it was only after the revelation that recent alumni were joining a genocidal death cult to behead westerners on camera that the university began to cancel extremist speakers. Days after the news broke the university cancelled all “sensitive” events, including a lecture by hate preacher Sheikh Haitham al-Haddad who was scheduled to speak.

Haitham al Haddad is a British “scholar” of Palestinian origin, who has called Jews “apes and pigs,” praised Osama bin Laden, written articles arguing gays are a “scourge” and “criminal,” and given his support to female genital mutilation (FGM) as “proper.”

An extract of one of al-Haddad pervious speeches at the university, given in 2013, recently surfaced online, in which he ominously talks of “when we Muslims become… all of the super powers of the world,” so “the whole mankind” can enjoy “the justice of Islam.” Adding: “Jews and Christians enjoyed the best of their time when they were under the Islamic rule.”

In another lecture, delivered at the university in 2014 and organised by the Islamic Society, he calls for the establishment of Sharia law across Europe.

Both the Islamic Society and Student’s Union have refused to comment on the issue at this time.


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