Was the Feminist Protest At The Suffragette Film A Co-ordinated PR-Campaign?

feminist film

Last night saw a feminist protest invade the premiere of a pro-feminist film, setting off smoke flares and trespassing on the red carpet in London’s Leicester Square. Police declined to make a single arrest and it has now been revealed the event’s security actually allowed the fearless gender warriors in for the publicity.  

The women, from the group Sister Uncut, were campaigning for historical revisionism and to highlight that austerity “kills” women. The film, sent in 1800s Britain, apparently does not feature enough black women:

“It’s a massive shame that the producers decided not to include any of the black women who fought alongside their white sisters for the vote,” one “sister” told the New Statesman.

They were also angry that star of the film Meryl Streep had donned a t-shirt with an Emily Pankhurst quote – “I’d rather be a rebel than a slave” – to promote the film. “Is this to suggest that being a slave is some sort of lifestyle choice?” complained “sister” Sarah Kwei in the Independent.

They women have been widely praised for bravely laying (or staging a “die-in” as they called it) on the red carpet to shut down proceedings, emulating Suffragette Emily Davison who famously died after laying in front of race hoarse when protesting for the vote.

However, one of the “sisters” accidentally revealed later that there had been a “political decision” by the PR company running the event to allow them in, and security even placed a metal fencing around their “die-in” on the red carpet at one point.

Police simply stood by and the stars of the film retrospectively decided to praise the group. Actress Helena Bonham Carter said it was the “perfect” response and Romola Garai told reporters: “I’m happy to see the suffrage movement is alive and happening!”

However Bonham Carter was seen to mouth “Oh golly” as they jumped the barrier, and others were seen running away from the screaming feminists. “At the time we tried to call some of them over to join us,” one told the New Statesman, “but we didn’t get much of a response from them.”

Sisters Uncut recently made headlines for shutting down a busy Kensington street by staging an unannounced – and therefore illegal – protest outside the offices of the a newspaper. They said the paper was “racist and sexist” and chanted “patriarchy will prevail, ‘till we close the Daily Mail.”

They were also one of the main groups calling for “no borders” at the Yarls Wood illegal immigration detention centre in August, as reported by Breitbart London. They attempted to scale the perimeter and were allowed to heavily vandalise the fencing by police without a single arrest being made.

“Sisters go to the movies and what happens? 300 articles worldwide talk about them,” gloated the group on their Facebook page this morning, as well as demanded donations. Adding later:

“Over 700 articles world wide from Asia to New Zealand and America, showing up the shameful sexist, racist cuts/attitudes of this government world wide this am.

“Serving those in power the reality of fatal cuts to domestic violence and rape crisis services with their breakfast. Shaming Tories on a global stage… Goddess it’s a beautiful day today isn’t it?!”


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