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Berlin Police Crack Down On Left Wing Extremists

Police in Berlin have launched a series of crackdowns on the notorious ‘Riga 94’ left-wing extremists who have been responsible for attacks on police and multiple riots this year.The free reign of left-wing extremism in Berlin may be coming to


Left Wing Violence Erupts In German Capital

Berlin is once again facing violent clashes from left-wing extremists who have thrown rocks at police during a demonstration against the migrant policy of the federal government.Meant to be a protest against the migrant policies of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s federal government,

Activists from the Blockupy movement stage a sit down in front of the ministry for works and pension in Berlin on September 2, 2016. Hundreds of demonstrators walked from two locations in central Berlin converging at the ministry in Berlin's Wilhelm strasse to protest the German governments asylum policy. / …

Leftist Extremists Incite Violence Against AfD Member

Left-wing extremists have put up chilling posters labelling an Alternative for Germany (AfD) member a “Nazi” and calling for action against her. Her address and photographs of her with her young daughter have been printed on the flyer.In Wilhelmsburg around

POESSNECK, GERMANY - MARCH 28: A protester waves a flag of the Antifa, or Antifaschistische Aktion ('anti-fascist action') as demostrators march past the 'Schuetzenhaus,' literally 'Clubhouse,' during an anti-Nazi rally on March 28, 2009 in Poessneck, Germany.

Left Wing Extremists Publish AfD Members’ Addresses

Alternative for Germany (AfD) members are under threat after left wing extremists published their addresses online.The publication of the addresses of many of the members of the AfD by left wing extremists in Germany has led to growing concerns for

MAINZ, GERMANY - MARCH 13: Armin-Paul Hampel (L) and Uwe Junge (R) of the Alternative fuer Deutschland (Alternative for Germany, AfD) political party celebrate initial polling results during state elections in Rhineland-Palatinate at the AfD elections party on March 13, 2016 in Mainz, Germany.