Migrant Violence – Nearly 500 Attacks in Germany This Year Alone

Asylum Centre Cleaner
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Germany’s Interior Minister has blamed a rising tide of migrant violence in asylum centres on native Germans attacking “refugees”, despite a growing body of evidence to the contrary.

Federal Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière made the remarks in an interview with the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper, which asked him whether the number of burning migrant hostels was systematic of the mood in Germany towards migration. Laying the blame for damaged migrant accommodation firmly at the feet of his own people, Mr. de Maizière implied that all suspects of such attacks were German. He said:

“This trend worries me. We have a massive increase in xenophobic attacks on asylum-seekers. Overall, there were in this year already more than 490 crimes against asylum seekers accommodation.

“We have analyzed the hitherto known suspects, and the result is also alarming: One third of them are known to the police because of right-wing extremist crimes or otherwise. Two thirds, however, are citizens of the region, with no previous criminal record… This is a disgrace for Germany”.

Despite his condemnation, a number of cases of migrants smashing up and even burning their own asylum centres are reported in German and other European media – with an unknown number of other attacks and not making to the newspapers at all. The chief of the German police union admitted last week that “the public does not know everything” because the police report “only a fraction” of what is happening to avoid scaring people unnecessarily, as reported by Breitbart London.

Indeed, only eight days ago Mr. de Maizière was quoted criticising migrants for their “ingratitude”, criticising them for going on strikes over food and conditions and for causing daily brawls at their government-funded hostels. Speaking at the German parliament, he called on migrants to accept the nation’s “laws and values ​​culture”. Yet the inter-ethnic and sectarian violence between migrants causing massive damage to the facilities provided by German taxpayers seems to have escaped his attention.

One such example played out this morning as a former hotel in Inglostadt, Bavaria, now converted to house 120 migrants and refugees was struck by fire. While there were no casualties a number of residents were taken to hospital for smoke inhalation while the remainder of the migrants living there were bussed to nearby hotels. While Mr. de Maizière may have assumed the fire was started by one of his loathed “right-wing extremist” criminals, in fact a later report this morning revealed the culprit to be a 22-year-old Syrian, who also threatened others at the hotel with a knife and smashed up a parked Porsche sports car outside prior to his arrest.

Earlier this week Breitbart London reported on another asylum fire apparently started by inmates, rather than locals angered at unwelcome intrusions to their communities. One Eritrean asylum seeker was found locked dead in his room, which had been consumed by fire on Wednesday. Police were reportedly investigating suicide as an apparent cause of death, but had not at that stage ruled out the involvement of a third party.

In August, warring migrants completely trashed, and set fire to their own accommodation over a Koran dispute. Such was the ferocity of fighting that police were pushed back and forced to hide in a nearby building while rioters screamed “Allahu Akhbar” and tore down internal walls and doors in the building. The dispute is thought to have started after one man at the centre, which contained a number of rival Muslim sects, tore pages out of the Koran. There was an attempted lynching, but after police stepped in to protect his life the disparate groups united to attack them instead.

Germany’s N-TV reports a whole host of other such disputes between warring migrant camps turning really nasty when police step in to calm the situation, only to inflame it because the immigrants consider the brawls private affairs. On Thursday this week in Hamburg 30-40 migrants attacked police with iron bars stripped from disassembled bed frames, while at another facility in the same region an attempt to separate Afghan and Iraqi gangs resulted in a 60-man brawl, yet only two arrests.

In Thuringa, police were confronted with 100 migrants in a “very heated” situation after they had attempted to arrest a 29-year-old migrant who had been accused of “abusing” the young child of another family living at the same facility. In Germany, such confrontations for the police are now a daily occurrence.

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