‘Stop the Asylum Flood’ – Swastika Graffiti On Migrant House Walls As Eritrean Dies in Asylum Shelter Fire

Refugee Asylum Shelter Fire Migrant Germany
AFP/Michael Reichel

German police are investigating the death of an Eritrean after a fatal fire at an asylum shelter in Saalfeld, south-east Germany.

The unidentified 29-year-old man was found in his locked room, while the other migrants housed at the dormitory managed to escape the blaze. Despite the significant number of arson attacks against asylum shelters in recent months in Germany and Austria, police are reportedly investigating suicide as a cause of death.

AFP reports the fire was started, or at least fed by an ‘accelerant’ – such as petrol – but there were “no signs of external violence”.

In an unrelated event in Austria over the weekend, a refugee centre in neighbouring Austria was decorated with Swastikas and graffiti. Local police said they would be stepping up patrols around the buildings affected, and if they found who had written “stop the asylum flood” on the wall, they would be charged with xenophobia and laws prohibiting Nazi symbols, a serious crime in Austria and Germany.

Breitbart London has reported on a number of occasions this year of fires being set at buildings being used as, or due to be used as temporary accommodation for ‘refugees’ and economic migrants making the most of Europe’s de factor open door policy.

In Rome, in March, locals burnt down an asylum centre, after the inhabitants of the deprived suburb were angered that they were facing eviction from the city council, while newcomer migrants were housed and fed at the taxpayer’s expense.

Passions were reportedly inflamed by complaints of local girls being sexually assaulted by the migrants.

Then, in Germany, in April, a large home being converted into temporary accommodation was gutted by fire before it was due to be opened and could take in a planned 40 asylum seekers. The fire came after weeks of protests by locals against the building being sited in their community, but a local official in the town of Tröglitz had his own back on the residents.

Remarking the culprits should be “behind bars” for the act, the local government announced despite the loss of the hostel the 40 migrants would still be assigned to the town, and locals would have to take them into their own homes instead.

Also in GermanyBreitbart London reported on the burning of a country village inn, taken from the serving of beer and in the process of being converted to a hostel for migrants. Locals had protested the planned 130 newcomers was too much for the village of 830 to bear and asked to take 30-40 instead, yet their pleas were not heeded.

Yet not all fires at asylum centres are set by Germans dissatisfied with the way federal policy is impacting on their local communities.

A riot over the Koran between inmates of one such centre in August turned nasty when angered Muslims from different sects of the religion tore their hostel apart and set fires. Six police officers required treatment after putting the disobedience down. The migrants were filmed screaming “Allahu Akhbar” as they attacked police and kicked down walls.

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