As Migrants Flood Into Belgium, Government Thinks Greatest Terror Risk Is Native Belgians


Belgium has modified the national terror alert notification system, citing the danger to migrants in the country from attack by right-wing groups.

The change specifically targets asylum centres and the areas around them, moving them from no-threat level one, to unsubstantiated or ‘average’ threat level two. Police will now be ordered to patrol outside refugee centres every few hours and show extra vigilance, reports Flanders News.

There have been repeated warnings that the great migrant flood presently engulfing Europe is being used as a cover by Islamist groups to smuggle trained fighters into Europe to wage jihad. Despite that, the move by the Belgian government suggests the greatest emerging threat to the country is not Islamists, but rather native Belgians.

Asylum centres, which are under increasing threat, are now under the same level as police officers and police buildings. The Belgian government considers the danger to police to be falling, having reduced their rating from three (serious) to two yesterday.

This change is despite a gunman ramming barracks and exchanging fire with Belgian soldiers on Monday morning. The Belgian government has insisted terrorism was not the motive of the attack, citing the well-worn phrase a “psychologically unstable person” to describe the would-be killer instead.

While the Belgian security services have indicated they have not yet detected any plans in the making to attack refugee centres, the rating has been changed after dozens of fire-bomb attacks on the buildings elsewhere in Europe. Breitbart London has reported on arson events at shelters in Sweden and Germany in recent weeks as disgruntled locals, frozen out of the planning process for the location of migrant houses vent their frustration.

One socialist mayor thinks the level two threat level isn’t high enough, and has contacted the authorities to insist far-right attacks on migrant housing is imminent. He told local television: “They say that there are no indication of a threat, but that is not true. On 3 October I raised the issue of a far-right group that is active in Vilvoorde and has daubed houses with swastikas and far-right slogans”.

Brussels, the capital city of Belgium and the home of the European parliament is one of the most obviously Islamised cities in Europe. Over a quarter of all residents are Muslims and prayers take place openly in the streets – in some areas those kneeling to pray even hold up traffic as they supplicate in the middle of the road.

Belgium is one of the highest contributors to Jihad per capita in Europe – by the start of 2015 over 350 citizens had travelled to Syria to fight, and from a country of only 11 million.

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