PRIVILEGE? Poor White Boys Get The Worst Start In Life, Reports UK Equality Commission

Poor White Boys

If you’re white, poor, and male, the chances are you’ll have a tougher start in life to that of your Asian, Chinese, or Black counterparts, a new report by Britain’s Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has revealed.

The findings, which run counter to the left-wing, social justice warrior (SJW) narrative of “white privilege” reveals that those born into less wealthy, white families in the United Kingdom will struggle in early life. The report is said to be “the most comprehensive review ever carried out on progress towards greater equality in Britain” according to the BBC.

The EHRC has revealed, in their new report entitled, “Is Britain Fairer?” that “life on many fronts has got worse” for those of white and poor backgrounds “as the country becomes more ethnically and religiously diverse than at any point in its history”.

In summary, the report reveals that [w]hite pupils from poorer backgrounds, especially boys, suffered the worst start in life as they continued to fall further behind every other ethnic group at school – with their chances of a successful and prosperous career decreasing as a result.

“Younger people suffered the greatest drop in income and employment compared to older age groups and now face greater barriers to achieving economic independence and success than they did five years ago.

“Chinese and Indian pupils continue to perform better than all other ethnicities at school and a higher proportion of school leavers from ethnic minorities go on to higher education than white pupils.

“Bangladeshis and Pakistanis have seen the biggest improvements in education and employment, while Black workers, who were previously one of the better paid ethnic groups, suffered one of the largest falls in wages.

Laura Carstensen, EHRC Commissioner said: “While we have made important progress in many areas – and it is important to note and celebrate this – the gateways to opportunity that the Commission identified five years ago remain harder to pass through for some groups such as disabled people, those from poorer backgrounds and women over a certain age.”

The report adds: “Poor White boys in particular suffer a combination of disadvantage. Being poor now has a far more negative impact on the education of White children than it does for any other ethnic group. Poor White boys suffer higher rates of exclusion from school and achieve the lowest academic results – making them less likely to enter higher education and therefore more likely to end up in lower-paid, insecure jobs. Men aged 45-49 now suffer the highest rates of suicide – a figure which has increased significantly over the last five years.”

“Life for some ethnic groups has improved dramatically. The Pakistani and Bangladeshi group saw some of the greatest improvements of any group across educational attainment, health, employment and level of poverty, although these improvements tended to be from a much lower starting point, and they still do not fare as well as White people across these areas of life. Chinese and Indian students have continued to perform better than all other ethnicities at school and, overall, a higher proportion of ethnic minority pupils goes on to higher education than White pupils.”


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