Chat Show Host Tells ‘Loose Women’: Being Transgender Is A Craze ‘Like Self Harming’


Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha has been criticised for comments she made about transgenderism, linking it to bulimia and self-harm.

Speaking on the ITV chat show, Miss Sawalha revealed that she thought the conditions were passing fads appropriated by those desperately seeking attention rather than serious medical help.

“Last year my step daughter told me the ‘in’ thing at school was self-harming, and then before that it had been throwing up. You know, fashionable words that have been taken on,” she told the other members of the panel.

“The other day, [my children] were playing, and we actually heard from the other room, ‘which one of us is going to be transgender?’ – can you imagine that, even a year ago?”

Plenty of people on Twitter certainly couldn’t share the actor’s surprise. They were quick to take offence at what was simply an opinion honestly expressed by Miss Sawalha and took her to task.

The news comes as the British government prepares to receive advice from the one-sided panel on transgender issues – including telling businesses that they should hire more transgender people.

Earlier this month it was revealed that left-wing artists in Belfast had created a “transgender Jesus” – in what some saw as yet another attack on Christianity and Western tradition.

Recently, the transgender lobby threatened to boycott actor Benedict Cumberbatch for depicting a transgender person in a way they didn’t approve of.

Breitbart London revealed earlier this year that police in conjunction with local elected officials are attempting to teach transgenderism to children as young as four. This at the same time as the British Parliament is reported to be getting transgender toilets, as a famous brewery invented a “transgender beer“, and as the Collins English Dictionary decided to add the term.


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