One Million Migrants Entered Europe This Year


More than one million migrants have crossed into Europe this year, the International Organisation for Migration has confirmed.

The number is four times larger than the total for last year, with the majority crossing the Mediterranean from Turkey to Greece.

The IOM says more than 800,000 travelled this way, most of them originating in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Nearly half of the total figure came from Syria, while 186,000 were from Afghanistan.

Germany has already seen its total pass one million, but that also includes migrants from the Balkan countries within Europe.

Breitbart London reported in October on an interactive map showing the journeys of the migrant hoards as they cross from the Middle East and North Africa.

The map, by the Finnish company Lucify, uses monthly figures from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees to show the scale of immigration into Europe.

Each dot represents 25 people, roughly one bus load.


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