EXCLUSIVE: Tommy Robinson In Cologne – ‘It Isn’t Just Germany. It’s Sweden, England, Rotherham…’

Rachel Megawhat / Breitbart London

COLOGNE, Germany: PEGIDA UK coordinator and former leader of the EDL Tommy Robinson told Breitbart London German chancellor Angela Merkel is “single handedly destroying Europe”.

Talking over breakfast as Mr. Robinson (pictured) made notes for the speech he is due to make to the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of Europe (PEGIDA) rally in migrant rape city Cologne this afternoon, he told Breitbart London he would be talking about “rape culture” among Muslim migrants. He said he’d be asking:

“Whose fault it is, what we need to do, and to make a plea for people to stand up. If not now, when?

“Paris is just the start. Cologne is just the start. This is not going to get better, our leaders have sold us out so people need to organise. And until they start feeling resistance, the politicians are not going to change”.

Exactly how many will come to the PEGIDA rally is unclear. While the anti-Islamisation group has pulled crowds of 30,000 in east Germany, in the more multicultural west their message has so far failed to take hold. Yet Mr. Robinson thought the rape attacks in Cologne should have changed minds:

“There is fear here, now. This could be the turning point for attitudes towards migration in Cologne today.

“This has to have been a wake up call for Cologne. When your women are afraid to walk the streets, that’s a fundamental starting place for change”.

One thing he felt certain of was a significant police presence. Mr. Robinson said: “There were 143 police officers on duty in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. All the cells were full in the city so they had to let people go after they had arrested them. I bet we’ll see 1,000 officers on patrol today for PEGIDA. We had 2,000 police officers on duty at the Luton EDL demo”.

One police officer who spoke to Breitbart London said he could not reveal the number of officers active for the PEGIDA demo and counter-protests, but confided requests for leave had been dismissed out of hand. In contrast the former chief of Cologne police who was forced to stand down yesterday had requested extra men on New Year’s Eve but had been denied, a contributing factor to the molestation and assault of over 200 that night.

Mr. Robinson said firing the chief of police was merely creating a scapegoat for politicians who had allowed the attacks to happen. He remarked:

“Angela Merkel invited [the migrants], the buck should stop with her. But the police do need to do their jobs — the migrants want confrontation, but the police hold back. If they had gone in batons out, they would have sparked migrant riots across the whole of Europe.

“From the point of view of the migrant, Merkel has invited them. She’s told them all to come. She is single handedly destroying Europe.

“There’s only one way this is heading. What Germany is suffering from now is white guilt, thanks to Hitler. What the next generation will suffer from is guilt due to Merkel. It’s going to be a complete reverse situation, and something has to give. If not now, then when?”

Expressing his hopes for the future of the PEGIDA branch in the United Kingdom which he is coordinating, Mr. Robinson told Breitbart London it was his hope they could replicated the peaceful marches PEGIDA had staged repeatedly in Germany. The key event was the first UK march, he said, which would set the tone for all to follow.

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