Met Police Have ‘No Specific Plans’ To Prevent European-Style Migrant Sex Assaults In London

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In the wake of the New Year’s Eve sexual assaults perpetrated by gangs of “North African and Arab” migrants, Breitbart London invited both the Metropolitan Police Service (the Met) and the Home Office to comment on steps they are taking to ensure the phenomenon does not spread to London. Neither organisation spoke of any specific plans or precautions.

When Breitbart London first approached the Met to ask what they are doing to stop migrant sex assaults similar to those seen across many major European cities on New Year’s Eve spreading here, the forces’s initial response was to say that there are “no plans” in place, and asked whether we had any incidents to report.

When contacted a second time and pressed on their original reply, the press office appeared to back off from their first position, perhaps conscious of the fate of Wolfgang Albers, the Chief of Police of Cologne, who was relieved of his duties and forced into early retirement yesterday because of failures relating to the New Year’s Eve attacks.

The response changed from “no plans” to “no public statement” and we were invited to submit a formal request for information so that it could be placed before the relevant officers to answer. Such a request has since been submitted, and we await a reply at this time as to what precautions the Met Police is taking.

If anything the Home Office response to recent migrant sex assaults was even more complacent.

Breitbart London understands that the government department believes Britain’s comparatively strict border controls mean London does not have the same concentrations of illegal migrants seen in other European cities. As such, it is thought the risk factors that led to the New Year’s Eve incidents across Europe are not to be found in the UK, because the levels of mass migration seen in other countries do not happen on the same scale in Britain.

Of course, the migrants involved in the Cologne sex assaults were not necessarily illegal. As we reported earlier this week, Cologne’s Chief of Police has confirmed attacks were perpetrated by migrants found to be carrying official immigration paperwork.

A Home Office spokesman told Breitbart London that no specific policy has been introduced in relation to preventing migrant sex assaults, although he said they would not necessarily comment on operationally sensitive matters.

The spokesman told us that the onus is on local police forces to “keep an eye on pressure points” in order for them to direct their own resources to where they are needed.

If the Met and the Home Office responses do actually reveal the true extent of their response to the phenomenon of migrant sex assaults, it appears their attitude is little more than ‘fingers crossed it doesn’t happen here’.


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