‘SEXUAL TERRORISM’: Geert Wilders Says We Must Stop Europe’s ‘Testosterone Bombs’

Cologne Migrant Rape PEGIDA refugee attack
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Dutch politician Geert Wilders has called for all male asylum seekers in Europe to be kept within asylum centres to prevent Muslim “testosterone bombs” from waging “sexual jihad”.

Referencing the mass sexual attacks which have taken place in recent weeks across Europe, Mr Wilders said that European women and children would only feel safe when the Islamic asylum seekers, who come from a very different culture, are kept off the streets.

“Recently thousands of Arab men sexually attacked, humiliated and raped hundreds of women. All women are fair game,” he said, in a video posted to YouTube. “I called the perpetrators “testosterone bombs”. We have seen what they are capable of. It’s sexual terrorism – a sexual jihad, and it is happening all over Europe.

“Everywhere we are now confronting a rape epidemic,” he continued. “And in many countries, the authorities tried to keep the terrible news hidden, but they no longer succeed in doing so. The genie is out of the bottle.”

According to the Gatestone Institute, the rape of German women by migrant men has already become “commonplace”. They highlight a number of cases, including the rape of a 16 year old girl in Bavaria, to which police responded by warning parents not to let their children out unaccompanied, and a rape which occurred in June but was not mentioned by the police for three months for fear of giving “legitimacy to critics of mass migration”.

The German police also tried to suppress reports of the ‘taharrush’ attack in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, and were only thwarted thanks to multiple reports on social media.

Similarly, the Austrian Police allegedly deliberately covered up sex attacks in Salzburg on New Years Eve; after victims came forward to the local press, the police claimed that they had stayed silent to protect the victims.

Meanwhile the Swedish police and media have been accused of covering up a series of attacks over the last two years, which occurred at a popular music festival for young people in Stockholm. 38 reports of rape and sexual assault were made at the festival in 2014 and 2015, yet the Police’s report announced that the festival had passed off peacefully and without incident.

And in Finland a huge debate has been raging after the police reported that a 15 year old girl had been raped by two ethnic Finnish men, despite her reporting that she had been attacked by migrants. The authorities are now offering migrants voluntary courses on Finnish culture in the hope that they will leave their old ways behind.

In light of this “rape epidemic”, Mr Wilders said the people of Europe “are right to be angry and afraid,” as they question their ongoing safety.

“Horrible mass assaults such as the one in Cologne can also happen here in the Netherlands, and it’s time to finally face the truth,” he said.

“The perpetrators come from a culture where women are inferior beings. A culture of honour killings and humiliation of women. A culture established by a so-called prophet who had sex slaves and raped a nine year old girl called Aisha.

“It’s time to face that truth about Islam as well, and anyone, anyone who looks away is guilty.”

Mr Wilders urges concerned citizens to turn away from pro-immigration politicians who “rolled out the red carpet for these testosterone bombs”, and are therefore partly to blame for the crisis.

His party, the Party for Freedom “is very clear,” he says. “We have to close our borders to all asylum seekers and all immigrants from Islamic countries.

“But as long as this does not happen; as long as our women are endangered by the Islamic testosterone bombs, I propose that we lock the male asylum seekers up in the asylum centres.

“For them, the asylum centres have to be closed institutions, so that not a single male asylum seeker can still go on the streets and our women finally are protected.”

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