CHANNEL 4: South Thanet ‘Sleazebuster’ Refers Tory Expenses To Police

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Channel 4 reports: Michael Barnbrook, a Ramsgate resident who specialises in lodging complaints about politicians, today wrote to Kent police following our report on Wednesday night about the Conservatives spending £14,000 at the Royal Harbour Hotel in Ramsgate.

The hotel bills were revealed by the Electoral Commission on Wednesday as part of their disclosure of what each of the main parties spent on their national campaigns at the 2015 general election.

The obvious question is why hotel bills in Ramsgate are national spending? In reality, wasn’t the money spent as part of the Tories’ intense efforts to stop Nigel Farage winning the local constituency, Thanet South? If so, they money should have been included as part of the Tories’ spending on the local constituency campaign.

But that would have meant they spent almost twice the £15,016 legal limit on how much candidates were allowed to spend on their campaigns in Thanet between 30 March and polling day on 7 May.

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