Breitbart London To Launch Europe-Wide Migrant Crisis Live Wire

migrant crisis

LONDON, United Kingdom – Breitbart London, the first news outlet in the English language to expose the mass migrant assaults and rapes from Cologne on New Year’s Eve is to launch a Migrant Crisis Live Wire, tracking all the developments from Europe’s migrant crisis from across the continent.

The live stream will include all the latest developments surrounding the migrant crisis, including polling, crime reports, and government policy announcements. 

The project is being launched in response to the wave of new information emerging from across the continent which rarely ever makes it into English language news outlets.

The live wire will be edited by Breitbart London’s Editor in Chief Raheem Kassam and staffed by German-language speakers including Chris Tomlinson and Oliver Lane, with support from Breitbart London staff Donna Rachel Edmunds and Sarkis Zeronian. 

Announcing the live wire, Kassam said: “It has become clear over the course of the last few weeks that mainstream news organisations are unwilling to report on the facts emerging from across the continent. We have tried our best at Breitbart London to bring the most high profile news items to our readers, but it is clear that there is a demand for all information out there to be available in one place, and that’s what we’re going to do from here on out.”

The live wire will start from the afternoon of Friday, January 29th and will be available at this link.



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