No Memorial For Slain Migrant Worker In Sweden For Fear Of Offending Migrants

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The municipal government in the Swedish town where an asylum centre worker was stabbed to death refuses to allow a memorial at the centre for fear of offending migrants.

Swedish media SVT reports that the co-workers of the victim wished to honour the memory of 22-year-old Alexandra Mezher (pictured) who was stabbed to death by an underage Somali male on the 25th of January. The case provoked an international uproar which has led many to question the Swedish government’s handling of the migrant crisis.

The request for a memorial comes after Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven visited the centre for underage migrants in Örnsköldsvik and said “This is a tragedy. You should be able to feel safe at work and the children and young people who arrive in Sweden alone will be able to feel safe,” as he talked with police, trade unions and municipal officials.

Carl Lindahl, who has worked at a similar asylum centre for over three years and is now on stress leave since December said, “What happened in Mölndal could just as easily have happened here.”

Lindhal, along with another colleague, wished to organize a small rally or march in the town to express mourning for Ms. Mezher but were shocked to learn that the municipality not only refused to fly their flag at half mast but also denied them use of any municipal premises.

Since the city wasn’t going to allow them to do anything, Lindhal decided to hold a memorial service in a local church on Sunday instead. “God is actually infinitely greater than the municipal manager in Örnsköldsvik, and I felt that we must implement it here, so we moved manifestation here instead.”

Locals asked why the municipality was against the demonstration and a representative reached out to SVT and told them the municipality was worried about offending the migrants at the asylum centre. Katarina Jensstad, administrative manager, said the council had simply decided it would be inappropriate to build a memorial at a home for vulnerable minors.

The story of the murder has resonated across Sweden and with the Swedish people. Inspired to take action because of the events, Swedish men joined together to form groups to protect women in Stockholm train station from unwanted sexual advances from migrants.

Some, like commentator Pamela Geller, are even saying the incident could be the beginning of the end of Swedish tolerance and that a potential “civil war” could ensue.

The story also revealed to Swedes how they might not be even getting the full story on the case as Breitbart revealed the Daily Mail was blocking details of the story to Swedish internet users in what some allege to be interference from Stockholm.


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