Canadian Government Plans To Turn Seven Military Bases Into Publicly-Funded Migrant Camps

migrant camps
Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

The government of Canada has ordered its military to draw up plans for migrant camps that will allow more than 6,000 Muslims to be housed on a long-term basis at several Canadian Forces Bases.

Planning documents for migrant camps requested by the centre-left Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (pictured) were released in response to an ‘Access to Information’ request from the political website, The Rebel.

The request asked for information regarding religious expenditure by the Department of National Defence (DND). Planning documents in English and French — published at The Rebel website — show the planned use of taxpayer funding goes way beyond the provision of shelter in migrant camps at military bases.

Hundreds of thousands of Canadian dollars have reportedly been set aside for “religious support” to fund the purchase of Qurans, prayer mats and foot-washing towels, as well as the construction of mosques or “worship centres”, with CAN$216,ooo for Quebec bases alone.

In total seven Canadian Forces Bases across the provinces of Quebec (2 bases) and Ontario (5) will be affected, with the budget for Quebec alone totaling more than CAD$46 million for the first six months. Eviction warnings were first sent to Canadian soldiers in their barracks in November last year.

The planned expenditure of nearly CAN$100 million every six months for the planned migrant camps appears particularly provocative in light of Canada’s recent decision to stop CF-18 fighter jets playing their part in coalition airstrikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, while at the same time raising the number of its special forces deployed to train Iraqi forces for the next two years. The Rebel writes:

It’s shocking that Canadian Armed Forces personnel will be ordered to abandon the coalition battle against ISIS and return to Canada to become waiters, chauffeurs and social workers for Muslim migrants, and that Canadian Forces Bases will be turned into squalid refugee camps.

It’s a disgrace that Canadian military personnel have been sent eviction notices to make way for foreign migrants.

But for the DND’s budget to be diverted away from military purposes and towards buying Korans and building mosques for foreign migrants, is especially outrageous.

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