Sick Anti-Hunt Class Warriors Gloat Over Death of Nine Year Old Girl Killed While Hunting


Sick anti-hunt activists have revelled in the death of a nine year old girl who was killed in a tragic accident while out with the Cotswold Hunt on Saturday. Posting comments online, the activists said her death was “karma”, and that they hoped she was ripped apart by dogs.

Bonnie Armitage was following the hunt on her Shetland pony Lindsay when she was kicked in the chest by a larger horse. Despite wearing safety gear including a hat and back protector, she suffered a heart attack and later died in hospital.

Her heartbroken parents Nick, a deputy headmaster and Polly, a professional flute player have paid tribute to their “beautiful, vivacious and compassionate girl,” saying she “touched the hearts of everyone who knew her”.

But twisted anti-hunt campaigners have celebrated the little girl’s death, taking to Facebook pages and the comments section of articles to revel in her demise.

Susan Cattell posted: “Why complain when karma comes a-calling. Shame the hounds didn’t rip her apart at the same time (sic).”

Facebook user Jen Simpson added: “Fox 1 – 0 Murderous parents”.

Another added: “A hunt is a completely unsuitable environment for a child. Maybe her parents will think about the other innocents who are killed in the hunt, the foxes.”

And another, laying bear the class activism at the heart of the anti-hunting lobby, wrote: “Killing animals for pleasure is disgusting. Tormenting animals is disgusting. Anyone who rides in a hunt is at the the very least totally insensitive. Smear them with the blood of a torn to bits fox I say.

“We deffo need a class war. If not the nabobs who have ruined the UK will never be held to account.”

Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch, who sabotage meetings of the Cotswold Hunt among others said it did not condone the online messages, but added: “Children should not be taking part in hunting. They killing of foxes should be kept away from them as they are too young to make an informed choice.”

A Countryside Alliance spokeswoman has condemned the anti-hunt comments “in the strongest possible terms,” describing them as “absolutely disgusting – beyond contempt”

She added: “Whatever your views on blood sports there is absolutely no excuse for posting views like this online.

“There is no need to glorify in the death of another human being, especially a child.

“We do hope the police will take it seriously.”

Gloucester Police have confirmed that they are investigating the comments, telling ITV News: “Some of these comments are clearly very unpleasant and offensive but we are reviewing them to see if they constitute a criminal offence under either the Malicious Communications Act or Public Order Act.

“We would remind people that anyone who makes threats or harasses someone online could be committing a crime and in such cases we will look to take appropriate action.

“This is an incredibly difficult time for the family and we would ask everyone to respect that.”

The equestrian community has rallied around the family, showing their support by posting pictures of themselves riding while wearing something blue under the hashtag #blueforbonnie. The colour was chosen as it was Bonnie’s favourite.

Her parents have said she loved riding more than anything and was “never happier than when with her pony”. They added: “We will miss her more than we can say, and we greatly value the prayers of so many of our friends.”

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