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Prime Minister Open to Bringing Back Fox Hunting

LONDON (AP) — Prime Minister Theresa May said Tuesday that she’s prepared to allow a vote in Parliament on whether to lift Britain’s ban on fox hunting — reigniting an issue that still raises passions more than a decade after the practice was outlawed.


In Pictures: Anti-Foxhunting Demo Goes Ahead Despite Vote Being Suspended

Anti-foxhunting animal right fanatics held a triumphalist demonstration outside parliament today, despite plans to vote on relaxing the hunting ban being shelved this morning because of SNP interference in this solely English matter. The demo was lead by Angus Robertson


Government Suspends Hunting Vote After SNP Vows to Block It

The government has suspended a vote on relaxing the hunting ban in England, which would have brought the law in line with Scotland, after the SNP broke their commitment to not interfere with solely English laws. An official SNP statement

Participants Prepare For The Traditional Boxing Day Hunt

Satisfied Pro-Hunting MPs Will Drop Campaign to Scrap Ban

Pro-hunting MPs have vowed to drop their campaign to scrap the Hunting Act if parliament votes to relax the controversial law later this week. Under the proposed amendments, farmers will be able to use a full pack of hounds to

Participants Prepare For The Traditional Boxing Day Hunt

Hunt Campaigners Welcome Plans to Relax Ban

News that the government will next week attempt to relax the controversial hunting ban has been welcomed by countryside campaigners in Britain. MPs will get a free vote on whether to scrap a restriction that says only two dog may


How The BBC Stitched Up Cameron With a Fake Quote About Fox-Hunting

Suppose you were a right-thinking BBC journalist, understandably anxious to foment the approved Labour narrative that the Conservatives are the party of rich, out-of-touch toffs, and you were presented with a rare opportunity to interview David Cameron. Which telling question


Some Sense On Fox Hunting, At Last

A decade on, and the Tories have finally brought fox hunting back into public discussion. Whether to appease rural voters, tempt back Ukippers or “pay the mercenaries” who fought for them at the last election, it isn’t clear. Either way,