VIDEO: Leftists Picket Eurosceptic Event, Call Everyone ‘Racist’… Then Espouse Eurosceptic Views

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Hard left activists picketed a cross-party Eurosceptic event in Glasgow last night, accusing those involved of “racism” and demanding “no borders”.

The rabble of around 20 activists, calling themselves ‘Stand Up to UKIP’, turned up at the Glasgow Grassroots Out meeting in Scotland on Thursday night.

“No borders no nations, fuck deportation!” they repeatedly chanted over a microphone. Others swore at people entering, holding signs that read “Your Hatred Isn’t Welcome Here”.

As police repeatedly attempted to move them, Jordan Daly, one of the protestors, tweeted gleefully: “Police attempt to remove protestors”, and, “Second attempt by police to remove protestors. Unsuccessful, again”.

As the event began, with the chants continuing in the background, one woman broke in and ran through the crowd lunging at David Coburn, the UKIP MEP for Scotland, before being dragged out.

When asked what their views were on the referendum, the group was split, with about half even voicing Euroscepticism.

Speakers included Brendan Chilton from Labour Grassroots Out, trade unionist Eddie McGuire, UKIP leader Nigel Farage, and Dr. Liam Fox MP, a Conservative former government minister.

When asked why ‘Stand up to UKIP’ had picketed the cross party event, one of the protestors told Breitbart London: “Basically, every time Nigel Farage has been in Scotland for the past three or four years there’s been a protest that’s basically showed him he is not welcome”.


Joshua Brown, who was leading the chants over microphone, said that UKIP were racist, because, “they had no black faces on the front of their previous manifesto, and [use] really inflammatory rhetoric against refugees and migration using terms like “floods of people.”’

A UKIP activist, Jack Jardine, challenged one of the protestors about the claims of ‘racism’, offering them a copy of UKIP’s manifesto to read.

“No, I don’t have to read it to know you’re a racist”, the activist replied. Adding: “I don’t care about your freedom of speech, I care about refugees.”

“It’s not about one political party or another, it’s not even about the referendum, it’s about standing up against racism, misogyny, sexism and all of the terrible things UKIP represents”, Mr. Brown also claimed. 

Indeed, UKIP were indeed not the only targets. The “far right Westminster government lead by David Cameron” was making people unemployed, complained Mr. Brown.


As Mr. Farage took to the stage later on, he accused “so-called” Scottish “nationalists” of “closing down” political debate in Scotland.

He said: “It’s great to see the usual welcoming reception committee outside. But it’s important to understand why. It’s important to understand what’s been going on in Scottish politics.

“There has been a deliberate attempt by the so-called nationalists to close down genuine, open, proper political debate in this country.”

Later he added: “We’ve been told for the last few years that Scotland is different to the rest of the United Kingdom. But actually the fact is we’ve never had the debate in Scotland because the parties in Holyrood are all in hock to the European project.

“Let’s have that debate. Let us wipe the smirk off the face of the Edinburgh political establishment. Let’s stun them in this referendum on 23 June.”


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