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Refugees Welcome

Hungary Accuses ‘Migrant Helpers’ Of Organized Criminality

The spokesman for Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has denounced European Union citizens who helped smuggle migrants through his country calling them organized criminals. In a fiery speech to the press in Brussels on Monday Zoltán Kovács, the spokesman for

The Hungarian government's spokesman Zoltan Kovacs informs the press in Szeged on September 15, 2015 as the government establishes the 'Crisis situation' in two border counties of Hungary due to a new border protection law coming into force. Hungary has sealed the last gap in the barricade along its border …

‘Refugees Welcome’ YouTube Adverts Accidentally Fund Anti-Immigration Groups

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) website is promoting a campaign by ‘Refugees Welcome’ – a group encouraging Europeans to offer their spare rooms to migrants – by using advertising to target anti-immigration YouTube videos… on YouTube. Refugees Welcome has paid for pro-migrant adverts

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Activists Shine ‘Refugees Welcome’ Message On White Cliffs Of Dover

Left wing activists have projected the words ‘Refugees Welcome’ on the White Cliffs of Dover ahead of Saturday’s showdown between neo-Nazis and anti-fascists in the nearby town. The activist group Global Justice Now transformed the iconic geological feature, which is

White Cliffs Of Dover