Wrestling Match Featuring Bearded Man Flying Islamic State Flag Was ‘Racist’, Apparently


My coveted Wanker of the Week award goes to the man who accused Butlins of  “race hate” because it featured a wrestling match in which the bad guy was a bearded Muslim brandishing an Islamic-State-style flag and the good guy a man waving an England banner.

He went to see the wrestling show with his kids at a Butlins holiday camp in Skegness, Lincolnshire and was appalled by what he saw.

Families were encouraged to boo a bearded baddie called Hakim as he entered the ring carrying an Islamic-type flag.

His opponent ‘good guy’ Tony Spitfire wore Union Jack shorts and waved an England banner.

Red Coats urged the children and their families to chant “En-ger-land” as Hakim snuck up behind Mr Spitfire.

The man, whose name is Christian Cerisola and who runs a PR company called Glue PR in Newcastle, announced to the world his dawning horror in a series of stunned tweets.

Later he enlarged on his trauma to a local newspaper:

“It was very uncomfortable. I have nothing against wrestling and understand there needs to be a good guy and a bad guy.

“Basing that on race and nationality just felt wrong. I felt like I had to say something to Butlins.

“Considering what has recently happened in Brussels and Paris, surely someone must have thought this cannot be right. It was like being stuck in the dark ages.”

Naturally, Butlins felt compelled to issue an apology, insisting that it had all been a terrible mistake.

“We’d like to assure you and all guests this was a totally unacceptable one-off which is contrary to Butlin’s values. It won’t happen again.”

and (the old ‘blame the supplier’ excuse)

“We had a wrestling company in on Saturday who did a show we are not happy about.

“That part of the show was not agreed.

“It was not funny or acceptable. It is a company we have used for years and years.

“For some reason they tweaked that part of the show which we did not know about.”

But if anyone should be apologising to anyone, I think, it’s this grisly, middle-aged Social Justice Warrior Christian Cerisola.

What on earth does he think he was doing, playing the offence card over a show which – I’ll lay money – would have delighted 99.99 per cent of the audience?

Maybe if this wrestling match had been staged at some Hamas-sponsored fringe event at the Labour party conference, Cerisola might have had a point. But Butlins, Skegness is a very different kettle of fish. These are your actual white working class and what they’re really not into is political correctness of any kind.

And why bloody should they be? Wrestling matches have always been cartoonish contests between good and evil – and if you’re looking for a bad guy in the world today, where better to find one than radical Islam?

Who, right now, is most likely to kill a member of the British armed forces? (Or indeed a civilian)

A German? Nope, that was a while back. A Soviet? Nope, that one’s over too. A Frenchman? Well, possibly: you never want to discount the danger posed by our most ancient enemy. But still, I’d argue, most likely, it won’t be any of the above, but rather a member of the Religion of Peace. Probably with a beard. And a black Islamic flag. Just like Hakim the baddie wrestler.

Perhaps Cerisola thought that by complaining he would win some work for his PR company. And maybe he will. I can imagine there are all sorts of fellow Social Justice Warriors in the public sector who’ll be itching to award him contracts promoting something worthy and taxpayer-funded. A shiny new refugee centre, perhaps.

But I doubt many people in the real world will feel quite so enthusiastic about Cerisola’s wanky virtue-signalling.

What Cerisola did with that vexatious complaint to Butlins was to do his tiny bit towards making it that much more difficult for people to express themselves freely in Britain. It will make companies like Butlins that much more cautious; it will make entertainers more circumspect; it will, of course, further encourage Muslim victimhood. All just because some tossy SJW manque decided to show off how enlightened and sensitive he was by complaining publicly about a harmless joke.


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