‘On Bended Knee’: Cameron ‘Begged’ Obama To ‘Bully Britain’ Over Brexit

David Cameron On His Knees

Member of Parliament Iain Duncan Smith has claimed Prime Minister David Cameron went to President Barack Obama “on bended knee” to beg to help him “bully Britain” into voting to remain in the European Union (EU).

The revelation comes as eight former U.S. Treasury Secretaries write an open letter claiming the UK is too poor and inward looking to succeed outside of the EU, and one day before Mr. Obama is due to visit Britain to make similarly fantastical warnings.

“Let’s cut all the rubbish out of the way, he’s doing it because the Prime Minister has gone on bended knee to him and said, ‘come over and help us bully the British people into making a decision. Everyone tells them and lectures them and it would be great if you could do it’”, Mr. Duncan Smith told the Telegraph.

The former Tory leader, who supports Brexit, resigned as Work and Pensions minister in March ostensibly to protest cuts to welfare, but perfectly timing his departure to heap pressure on the Tory government as the referendum campaign began.

He also argued that the U.S. was hypocritical and would never “pool” its sovereignty with other nations by joining a supranational institution like the EU.

“It’s inconceivable that the president of the United States would be asking to do exactly the same for the USA as now appears to be the case, or might be the case, for him to advise the UK to do with regard the EU,” he said.

Adding: “I don’t quite understand why any American president would want Britain to be any other way – unless of course they want the US to join the EU too.”

The eight former U.S. Treasury Secretaries also threatened in the their letter yesterday that “the special relationship between the United States and Britain” could be at risk because the U.S. has “benefited from having a strong Britain within Europe”.


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