FARAGE — The Immigration Figures Scandal Shows How Powerless We Are Inside The EU


Just when you thought the government’s record on open door mass migration couldn’t get any more appalling, we’ve seen the bombshell news this week that the situation is even worse than we thought.

According to the official figures, migration into Britain was already at record high net levels, running at a third of a million every year.

The government’s figures have looked a complete red herring to me for a long time however. The figures are nothing better than a rough estimate using outdated models.

And so we found out that in fact after looking at and factoring in the number of National Insurance numbers handed out, EU migration was 1.5 million higher then official figures suggested – and that’s just over the last five years.

The new, more accurate figures tell us that the number of EU migrants who came to Britain between 2011 and 2015 was 2.4 million. It is an astronomical number which exposes just totally, utterly out of control the situation now is for Britain inside the European Union.

How can any government arrange sensible healthcare provision for citizens when the migratory flow is so large, with absolutely no power or control over the quantity coming in every year?

We are seeing a housing crisis and huge issues with the lack of school places required for such a rapidly rising population. The situation is getting worse every year as our government sits idly by arguing that EU open borders are good for us.

They talk of building new houses all over the greenbelt. But we already have to build a new house every seven minute just to keep up with present demand. If we remain in the EU, that demand is likely only to increase, especially as the likes of Turkey, population 77 million, seek to join the EU supported by David Cameron and Angela Merkel.

The truth of all of this is that it demonstrates how hopelessly powerless any government inside the EU is when it comes to border controls. We have opened the doors unconditionally, measuring numbers inaccurately and are allowing however many million want to come, to come, even if they have a criminal record.

I suspect the reality of all of this is that Britain’s population overall is several million higher than the official figures would have us believe. The situation is far more out of control and worse than we had thought.

Either we stay in the EU and let this madness go on, or we leave the European Union, take back control and bring numbers down to sensible levels. That is the choice on the ballot paper on June 23rd.


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