Anti-Mass Migration Party Slammed For Poster Showing White family

Dansk Folkparti

The Danish People’s Party’s recent poster campaign has been slammed for not being “diverse” enough because it does not reflect the migrant Danish population.

The Danish People’s Party (DF) have come under fire after they released a new poster campaign called “Our Denmark” that features several generations of native Danes. The anti-mass migration DF has come under scrutiny from the media who claim that the posters, which have been put up in train stations and billboards, are “white-washing” the look of an average Danish family, The Local reports.

The posters present a family with their dog and is accompanied by the words: “Our Denmark – there is so much we need to take care of.”


One Facebook user, after talking to a migrant taxi driver about the poster, commented:

“We agreed that those billboards made us sad, embarrassed and angry because one party does not have a patent on defining what Denmark is. We certainly won’t just bow our heads and look at it, so we agreed to get some people together and take a photo of Our Denmark to show that we already take care of it – together.”

The two families posted their own picture that went viral across Denmark, being shared 3,000 times.

The move was copied by another Facebook user, Alex Ferlini, who took a picture of his vision of Denmark that included people of various races and religions with the same slogan as the DF’s poster.

DF press head Søren Søndergaard said he was surprised by the reaction online, telling Danish media: “What have we done to offend anyone? We used photos of Danish People’s Party members and a dog. We write that we need to take care of Denmark and what we particularly consider worth taking care of.”

The trend for declaring things “too white” is also gaining momentum in Britain.   The publicly-funded BBC has recently been exposed for advertising paid internships which specifically exclude white applicants.

Prime Minister David Cameron remarked that the current Members of Parliament are not “diverse” enough saying, “our Parliament is still nowhere near representative enough of the country we live in today” and that “much more needs to be done” to get more people of ethnic minority extraction into Parliament. 


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