European Commissioner Flies to Poland Over ‘Democratic Standards’


The European Commissioner who said no European Union (EU) country could escape having “diversity” imposed on them has flown to Poland in the wake of a leaked document claiming the country “does not adhere to democratic standards.”

Frans Timmermans is expected to negotiate with the Polish government over a dispute concerning constitutional reforms that the right wing Law and Justice (PiS) party are in the process of making.

Mr. Timmermans was last week given a mandate by the European Commission to deliver a formal diplomatic note on the matter to Warsaw by next Monday unless Poland makes “substantial progress” in addressing the issues raised by Brussels.

The report states that government changes — which would make it more difficult for Poland’s Constitutional Court to strike down laws — are a threat to Poland’s rule of law. Die Welt reports that the Commission has asserted that “values such as respect for human dignity and human rights, freedom, democracy and the rule of law” could not be protected “as long as the Constitutional Court was not able to act.”

Since the Eurosceptic PiS party was voted into power last October — the first party in the post-1989 era with a mandate to govern the country unilaterally — the European Union and globalist Western media have attacked Poland’s government relentlessly.

International commentator on Poland’s political affairs and Polish citizen Matthew Tyrmand wrote in Breitbart London that the real anti-democratic and unconstitutional crisis in the nation was the previous government’s “illegal packaging of the judiciary.”

The former ruling party, Civic Platform (PO), appointed two new justices at the same time as retiring two before their terms were up shortly before they lost the election. Pointing out that PiS’s reforms add necessary balance to a corrupt and “hyper-partisan” judiciary, Mr. Tyrmand noted that the Western media and European Union, who are now feigning concern about democracy, were silent on PO’s move which:

“Was akin to Obama appointing two new United States Supreme Court Justices while forcing the retirement of two conservative justices before their terms were up by executive order without Senate confirmation.”

In September, Mr. Timmermans said Central European countries like Poland must get used to imposed demographic changes, accepting “diversity” as “the future of the world.”

In a sinister speech on rising Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, the vice president of the European Commission warned that unless every country in Europe embraces mass migration and “diversity,” Europe will “not remain a place of peace and freedom for very long.”

Poland’s Prime Minister, Beata Szydlo, last week vowed not to “yield to any ultimatum” from Brussels.

Together, with populist opposition party Kukiz’15, PiS politician Szydlos Wutrede has produced a document on “the defence of the sovereignty of the Republic of Poland and the rights of their citizens.”

It includes a clear rejection of EU interventions, stating that solutions to the conflict of the Constitutional Court can only be found in the Polish parliament.

Discussing the migrant crisis, the paper states that EU institutions are attempting to impose decisions on Poland concerning the “immigrant question,” which it says constitutes a “threat to the social order in Poland, the security of citizens, the civilisational heritage and national identity.”


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