Frans Timmermans


EU Threatens To Punish Countries that Refuse Migrants

Frans Timmermans, Vice-president of the European Commission, has warned that “infraction procedures” may be inflicted on European Union (EU) member-states which resist the imposition of compulsory migrant quotas.


As Long As We Pay The EU, We Must Have Our Say!

The announcement of Sir Julian King’s new role as Europe’s new “Commissioner for the Security Union” has been celebrated by some as a sign of the European Commission getting serious about Brexit. They point out how King could have been given a derisory role which some Brussels insiders had previously joked about. This however ignores the reality of King’s new role.


European Commissioner Flies to Poland Over ‘Democratic Standards’

The European Commissioner who said no European Union (EU) country could escape having “diversity” imposed on them has flown to Poland in the wake of a leaked document claiming the country “does not adhere to democratic standards.” Frans Timmermans is


EU Continues To Punish Poland For Its Right-Wing Eurosceptic Government

Continuing its campaign against the newly-elected centre-right Polish government, the European Commission has launched an unprecedented formal investigation into the rule of law in Poland. In a move representing the first time European Union (EU) authorities have instituted such an