German Pool Bans ‘Burkinis’ On Hygiene Grounds


The stereotype of Germans’ love of bureaucracy has finally got in the way of all-embracing multiculturalism as a Bavarian pool has banned the “burkini” swimsuit on the grounds of hygiene. But not everyone is pleased with the decision.

Bathers complained after a woman wore the controversial full body swimsuit to an indoor swimming pool in Neutraubling. Heinz Kiechle, the Christian Social Union (CSU) mayor of the town, said that it’s incomprehensible to him why the “burkini” should be necessary.

The garment, designed for devout Muslim women, is loose and covers everything on the body except for the face, hands and feet.

The mayor said the decision was based on the statute for the use of the indoor pool which states that for reasons of hygiene, bathers should wear conventional swimwear. While swimsuits, bikinis and swimming shorts are permitted, sports pants, wetsuits, T-shirts, denim shorts and indeed burkinis are not. A sign explaining the pool’s dress code rules has now been erected by the pool.

However, the Social Democratic Party (SPD) chairman of the region, Rainer Hummel, is unhappy about the prohibition, stating such a ban “should always be the last resort”.

Mirjam Körner and Theresa Eberlein, two Young Greens members, went further and demanded the ban’s immediate withdrawal. They claimed it violates Article 4 of the Basic Law (constitution), which enshrines freedom of religion, and said the ban is “not only a clear violation of the fundamental right, but also a sign against humanity and tolerance”.

It’s not just the burkini ban that has devout Muslims, left-wing politicians and activists angry. Leyla Boyrok of the Turkish-Islamic community in Neutraubling swims at the indoor pool but argues it must change to suit devout Muslim women.

She says that its policy of hiring male lifeguards, for visitors’ safety, is inappropriate and that the pool should start having bathing days exclusively for women. Furthermore, she argued that the pool being visible from the outside, through a wall of windows, is also unsuitable for Muslims wanting to swim.

Breitbart London recently reported on the passionate plea of a Lebanese filmmaker to save Germany from Islamisation, as he saw Muslim migrants becoming increasingly inward-looking, militant and anti-German as a result of such “multicultural” policies.  


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