Students ‘Depressed’ And ‘Traumatised’ By Brexit Say They Will Fail Exams

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Students have claimed they are experiencing physical trauma after UK voted to leave the European Union (EU), which could affect their ability to sit exams in the coming weeks.

“Can I class Brexit as a traumatic event when I fail my exams next week? Because honestly, I’m so distracted now because of it?” posted one young scholar on a thread in the The Student Room, called: “Does anyone else feel genuinely depressed about Brexit.”

“Took about an hour for my hands to stop shaking, and for my knees to return to some semblance of working order after I saw the result this morning. How I managed to get through a regular day at work afterwards, I don’t even know”, recounted user AngryJellyfish.

“It’s absolutely horrible, it doesn’t even feel real. I feel unwelcome in my own country”, chimed in Plagioclase.

Another added: “I’ve felt so down all day because of this, and just have this constant sick feeling in my stomach. I genuinely feel like I’m grieving.

“I feel like I’m grieving for our growing economy. I’m grieving for our loss of cultural enrichment. If we weren’t a part of the EU I’d never have met people from the likes France, Norway, Germany, who have so much to offer to our country. We have so much to gain from these cultures”.

Some were noticeably angry, and they expressed firmly anti-democratic views.

“I’m seriously ****ed off at this because we’re stuck with it. We’re past the point of no return, and we can never go back to what we’re about to lose… **** you, British public”, wrote user Alexion.

An exit poll by YouGov found that 75 per cent of 18 to 25-year-olds voted to remain in the EU. However, another poll, also by YouGov, estimated that the figure could be more like 63 per cent.

Older people, however, were far more likely to vote to leave the EU. And as Breitbart London has reported, many supporters of Remain have been blaming them, insult them and even arguing their democratic rights should curtailed since the referendum.


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