Sweden Needs To Build A New Stockholm To House Migrant Population


A significant housing crisis fuelled by mass immigration has left the Swedish government with no choice but to build the equivalent of a whole new capital city in the next five years.

A new report from the Swedish National Housing Board has found that demand for housing nationwide was significantly underestimated, and the nation of 9.5 million needed to build 440,000 new houses by 2020 to cope. The latest population figures from the Swedish government estimate that the population will increase by over a million in the next decade.

As a proportion of their population, in 2015 Sweden had one of the highest rates of migration, and acceptance of so-called “asylum seekers” in the world.

The Svenska Dagbladet business paper reports the average build of 100,000 a year will mean a new Sweden or Greater Gothenburg will have to be built in the next five years. Unlike in the past where building has concentrated on family homes, the majority of new building will be of single apartments to suit the new migrants.

Part of the underestimation of the demand for housing stems from a failure of the Housing Board to anticipate that almost all new residents requiring accommodation would be single men, brought to Sweden by the migration crisis.

The step-change in building to accompany the rapidly increasing population is significant. Between the years of 2012 and 2015, 128,000 homes were completed — now under the new directive nearly that many will be built every year — an over three-times increase.

Breitbart London has reported on the extraordinary strains the unprecedented influx of migrants to Sweden has caused on housing stock. As spare places for newly arrived economic migrants to live approached zero last year, the Swedish government Migration Bureau was forced to get creative in their housing. Hotels were soon filled and desperate for space, the government looked north, to the Arctic circle holiday resorts closed for most of the year but well stocked with beds.

One such facility was the world’s most northerly ski resort, which took 600 migrants. Located 125 miles north of the Arctic circle, the Riksgränsen ski resort enjoys perpetual polar night, with zero hours of sunlight for many months of the year. The resort also enjoys the heaviest snowfall of anywhere in Sweden and record low temperatures of -35°C.

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