Muslim Men Sentenced For Photographing ‘Depraved’ Schoolgirl Rape

West Yorkshire Police

Two Muslim men have been sentenced to 14 years’ imprisonment for a “vile and degrading” rape of a 13-year-old schoolgirl, which they photographed.

Ismail Ali, 26, and Naheem Uddin, 26, found the girl wandering the streets of Bolton and took her to a budget hotel, where they ripped off her jeans and flung her shoes and knickers out of the window.

The girl was so traumatised by the ordeal she has started self-harming and tearing the wallpaper off of the walls of her room.

Mr. Uddin has three children by a previous partner and his new wife will now be deported, it was revealed in court.

“You took it in turns to abuse her and each of you behaved like an animal,” Judge David Hatton QC told them, the Telegraph and Argus reports.

“On the night of the 18th of April 2016, each of you was out to find sexual satisfaction and you did not care how you obtained it. You saw (the girl) and saw her as your opportunity,” the judge added.

The victim did go willingly with the attackers to the hotel, but “she did not volunteer for the vile abuse and degradation that followed at your hands” Mr. Hatton explained.

The jury at Bradford Crown Court convicted Mr. Uddin late on Wednesday afternoon of raping the girl, attempting to rape her, and taking indecent photographs of her.

Mr. Ali was found guilty of two offences of rape and a charge of possession of the indecent photographs, after Mr. Uddin sent them to his phone.

After the case, Detective Inspector Jon Best said: “Uddin and Ali subjected their young victim to a horrific ordeal and we welcome the sentences they have been given.

“We would firstly like to praise her for her courage in reporting their horrendous crimes and enabling them to be put before the courts.

“We hope today’s lengthy sentences will give her some comfort and allow her to move forward.”

The northern town of Bolton has suffered several Muslim “grooming gangs” in the past.

Four men were arrested in 2013 for raping a 15-year-old girl, and statistics released by the council in the same year showed 32 children were at risk of grooming.


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