Migrant Flirt Coach Requests Security Due To Public Backlash

Horst Wenzel/Facebook

An overwhelmingly negative public backlash at a flirt course for migrants has made the so-called “flirt coach” hire security and ask police to protect his flirt workshops.

Despite the hugely negative outcry from the public, Horst Wenzel continues to provide young migrant men with tips on how to pick up local German women at bars and online.  The reaction has, however, forced the self-professed “flirt coach” to hire security and alert police after he claimed that he had received threats online from people angered by his activities, reports Die Welt.

Last month Breitbart London reported on the flirt workshops for migrants which were planned to begin on the 6th of September. The ‘curriculum’ of the course was expected to follow the usual flirt workshops that Mr. Wenzel has become famous for in Germany, including how to meet girls, get their phone number, and eventually have sexual relations with them.

Now that the course has taken place more details have emerged as to what Mr. Wenzel has been teaching the young migrants.

According to Mr. Wenzel, every migrant should not only flirt with German women in real life, but they should all download various dating apps including Tinder. Tinder has garnered a reputation as being a “hook-up” app, designed less for finding relationships and more for simply meeting someone for sex.

Mr. Wenzel even recommends the migrants get professional photography done so that they can appear more attractive and better appeal to women – which would be paid for by the German taxpayer out of the migrants’ benefits payments.

He stated that the security was needed because news outlets had reported that the flirt course was being funded by the AWO, a left-wing labour organisation that receives money from the German government.

The reports provoked a backlash as many German citizens were angered that their tax money was going toward teaching migrants how to flirt with German women – especially following numerous cases of sexual assault by migrants at swimming pools and at various festivals this summer, as well as the mass sexual assaults and rapes of women by migrants on New Year’s Eve in Cologne.

During the course, Mr. Wenzel also taught the migrants that many German women are interested in sexual relations even if they are not in a relationship. The migrants were taught female body language and when to attempt to kiss a girl or when they may be showing interest – like by playing with each other’s feet.

The flirt coach also said that he does not believe that the course will encourage migrants to be emboldened to further touch and kiss women inappropriately, though the public reaction may suggest many believe otherwise.


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