LISTEN: Kassam Demands Full Dental and Medical Checks for Calais Migrants

Rachel Megawhat/Breitbart London

UK Independence Party leadership candidate Raheem Kassam spoke to radio host Jon Gaunt Thursday about the alleged “underage” migrants from Calais who turned out to be adults, and demanded full medical and dental checks for those migrants entering Britain claiming to be children.

Raheem Kassam, editor in chief of Breitbart London and UKIP leadership candidate, took the government of Prime Minister Theresa May to task on the Jon Gaunt radio programme on Thursday on the issue of the recent migrants let in from Calais.

The controversy surrounding underage migrants coming from Calais in the past week, and the government admitting that two-thirds of child migrants who entered the UK in 2015 were, in fact, adults, has been covered widely by the British press. The UKIP leadership candidate weighed in with his opinion on how to handle the issue.

According to Kassam, the government of Mrs. May had been guilted into accepting the migrants by pressure groups linked to globalist and pro-mass-migration billionaire George Soros, and celebrities like musician Lily Allen and former footballer Gary Lineker who Kassam called “half-wit has-beens”.

One suggestion to determine the age of the migrants has been to conduct full medical and dental checks that would better determine whether or not the migrants who claim to be underage are, in fact, minors.

Mr. Kassam said that he would like to see the dental records of the migrants put online, with personal information redacted, for transparency so that the British people can be assured that those admitted are children. He then slammed the British Dental Association who claimed such a move would be unethical.

The Breitbart London chief was also angered that UKIP had not made a formal statement on the matter. He said that the issue was a perfect opportunity for the party to show its relevance in British politics post-UK-EU referendum, saying the Calais migrant problem was a “primary torchbearer issue for why UKIP needs to exist”.

Commentators have asked if UKIP can or should continue as a party since voters delivered a Leave result in the referendum on the 23rd of June. Mr. Kassam has said previously on the Jon Gaunt show that the party needs to both see Brexit through and build on the poor performance of Labour to become the main opposition party of the ruling Tories.

Kassam warned that should UKIP not take up this role  – as a safety valve for anger over the migrant issue – the nation could see a return of street movements like the English Defence League.

When asked what he would do about the issue in Calais, Kassam was clear that it was a French problem and that it was the responsibility of the French government to resolve it.

He warned that if the UK continued on the current path of giving in to celebrity and advocacy groups’ demands then the disastrous situation in Germany and Sweden would reach Britain. “We are following in their footsteps,” he said.



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