Fear of Crime Soars After Year of Migrant Attacks in Germany

Migrant Attacks
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New statistics from mass-migration magnet Germany shows average citizens are increasingly fearful of public spaces, the news coming after a year of intense reports of crime committed by migrants in public spaces across Europe.

The new statistics collected in Germany by pollster YouGov show fear of being a victim of crime in particular public spaces is surging, with women more likely to be afraid than men. Standing out among those Germans most fear is railway stations and subway trains, as well as what the survey termed “large outdoor events” such as festivals and carnivals.

Top German broadsheet newspaper Die Welt reports the German people are conscious of a worsening security situation in their country, with 68 per cent of respondents stating their belief that their safety in public had “deteriorated somewhat or strongly” over the past few years. Again, women were more likely to think the situation had gotten worse — but only by a couple of percentage points.

While women found some areas conspicuously risky — notably parking lots — the greatest demographic gap was by age, with few young people feeling threatened but an increasing number of older Germans more worried. By contrast the most wealthy felt the least worried, perhaps reflecting — as pointed out by Welt — their access to private cars and taxis, while not depending on night-busses, public parking lots, and train stations.

Those living in the countryside were more likely to feel safe than those in cities.

Religion also sees a difference in the statistics. Of Protestant and Catholic Christians questions, some 70 per cent thought Germany was becoming less safe. Among Muslims, only 39 per cent thought so.

The German railway denies their stations are becoming less safe, but as reported the premises are seeing a proliferation of stab-vest wearing security officers with body-cams, pepper spray, and service dogs.

Breitbart London has reported at length over the past 12 months on the sudden proliferation of crime in Germany’s public spaces that may account for the sudden lack of confidence among German citizens this year. Attacks have seen hundreds molested, robbed, and raped outside Cologne’s central railway station, commuters swung at by Islamist axe-men, and girls assaulted at music festivals.

2016 crime statistics show without migrants, Germany’s crime rate has remained broadly static since 2014. Today, 70 per cent of pick-pocketing is committed by non-Germans, and 34 per cent by recent asylum seekers. Non-Germans account for nearly a third of homicides.

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