WATCH: Farage Tells Anti-Brexit Activist “What Part of ‘Leave’ Don’t You Understand?”

Nigel Farage has told the main claimant in the court case that ruled the government must consult Parliament before triggering Article 50 “What part of the word ‘Leave’ don’t you understand” while appearing alongside her on TV Sunday morning.

Mr Farage accused Gina Miller, a private financier, of being part of a “moneyed elite” that wants to betray the wishes of the British people who voted to leave the European Union in June.

“I have seen this happen all over Europe. I’ve seen the Danes forced to vote again, the Irish forced to vote again, the Dutch and French ignored. There is a political and wealthy ruling elite who are not prepared to accept the democratic result of referendums.”

Appearing on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show, Mr Farage was asked whether he admired Ms Miller for doing what she believed in.

“I of course support people doing what they believe in,” he said. “However, I just want to ask her: What part of the word ‘leave’ don’t you understand?'”

Ms Miller responded that Nigel Farage should be her “biggest fan” because she has created “legal certainty” around the Brexit process.

However, Mr Farage said Thursday’s ruling could have massive repercussions for Britain.

He told Ms Miller: “What you have done is you have given all those in Parliament who argue that the referendum does not mean we should leave the Single Market the chance to overturn the Prime Minister’s wish.

“If that happens I think you will have stirred up the biggest political upset we have ever seen.”

“This is not about whether Parliament is sovereign,” he added. “It is about whether the British people are sovereign, and for you as a pro-EU supporter to talk about Parliamentary sovereignty in Britain is a bit rich, isn’t it!”

He said that if Parliament tried to keep Britain in the Single Market, Prime Minister Theresa May would have no choice but to call an election, while future of the House of Lords would be put in doubt if it tried to block or delay Brexit.

“There are over 104 Liberal Democrat life peers who appear to be pledged to delaying the process as much as possible,” he said. “This could be the end of the House of Lords.”

Since the High Court ruling was issued, the independence of the judges has also been called into question.

Mr Farage said that Lord Thomas, one of the judges, had “been an activist for integration of law at EU level.”

“I just feel that if somebody is directly, politically conflicted by their past, they should not sit in judgment,” he said.


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