Six of the Jihadis Involved in Paris Attacks Entered Europe as ‘Refugees’

Thierry Chesnot/Getty

Surviving Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam helped at least 10 Islamic State fighters enter Belgium as “refugees” through the Balkan route, local media reported Friday.

Of these, six went on to participate in the terror attacks which struck Paris last November, and four were involved in the coordinated suicide bombings that hit Brussels in March. The two attacks left 215 people dead, and wounded hundreds more.

According to a programme set to air on the Flemish VTN television station on Sunday, Abdeslam personally brought at least 10 jihadis to Belgium in a rental car.

Picking the terrorists up in Hungary, where they had arrived from Syria amid hordes of “refugees” during the height of last year’s migrant crisis, Abdeslam drove the extremists to Western Europe.

The role of Abdeslam in the preparation of both the November and March terror attacks was much larger than was previously thought, VTM disclosed in a press release.

On top of the six Islamic State fighters known to have been escorted by the Belgium-born terrorist, Reuters yesterday reported that 90 more Syria-trained jihadis are thought to have entered Europe via the refugee route.

One year on from the Paris attacks, 20 victims remain hospitalised from the wounds they sustained, while 600 are still receiving outpatient treatment. A further 2,000 people are undergoing trauma counselling in connection with the attacks.

Earlier this year, the French government was accused of covering up the jihadis’ barbaric torture of victims of the November attacks. Critics claimed that information, which suggested the terrorists castrated, disembowelled, beheaded, and gouged the eyes out of victims, was suppressed so as to minimise public outrage.

Contrary to claims made by Western politicians and commentators during the height of the migrant crisis that securing Europe’s borders is “what ISIS wants”, police believe Nice attacker Mohamed Bouhlel was involved in “No Borders” activism on Italy’s border with France. Earlier this year it emerged that the Islamist, who drove a truck into a crowd killing 85 people, regularly travelled to Italy to help migrants entering Europe.


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